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I don’t think anyone is going to nominate me for Mother of the Year anytime soon.

Several weeks ago, our friends Mandy and Devin came over for a playdate.  It was gorgeous outside, so we made ourselves comfortable on quilts in the front yard.  Molly and I were hanging out outside before Mandy and Devin got here, and the first thing Mandy did when she plopped Devin down on the ground was ask if we had any sunscreen.  Silly me, I had totally forgotten to put sunscreen on my baby!  It was 70 degrees, sunny, and the first time she had worn short sleeves since September.  Oops!  Of course I had some, so I ran in to get it and we lotioned those babies up.

Fast forward a few weeks, to just the other day.  Lauren and Drew and Jenny and Gray invited Molly and me to the park.  It was another beautiful, early spring day.  The temperature in the car read 80 degrees!  I had a quilt, the camera, a sippy cup of water, a few toys, and some fresh diapers.

But no sunscreen.  And no hat for my baby’s head.  Seriously, what was I thinking?!  So I spent most of our afternoon at the park acting as human sun shield to prevent Molly’s chubby white arms and cheeks from burning up.  At least we know Peaches isn’t vitamin D deficient.

Come to think of it, I should go right now and add a tube of sunscreen and a hat to the diaper bag.


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Pray for Baby Nathan

Please pray for our friends The Smiths, and their brand new baby boy, as they embark on a difficult journey.  Nathan was born Friday, March 26 – 12 weeks early.  Learn more about Nathan here.

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Today my parents celebrate 35 years of love, hard work, happiness, and family.  My mom and dad are a wonderful example of what it takes to build a marriage and raise a family, and I am truly grateful for everything they have taught me.  Here’s to 35 more years!  I love you!



November 8, 2009 - thanks for the picture Whitney!


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When I grow up…

I want to do a lot of things.  There are so many places I still want to travel, jobs I’d like to try out, and people I want to meet.  I totally think that it’s ok to be married, with children, and still have a list of ten hundred things to accomplish.  Don’t you?

My sister Whitney is well on her way to living the kind of life I want to live when I grow up!  She has an awesome career, lives in southern California, is hilarious, AND is a true philanthropist.  Next month, she is traveling to Haiti to assist with the relief efforts as Haiti begins to recover and rebuild from the devastating earthquake in January.  Read all about her trip, including the group she’s traveling with and what she’s planning to do while in Haiti, here.

We love you, Whitney!

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I didn’t expect to hear these words from Molly until she was at least 16 years old, but at the rate things are going around here, she’s going to yell these words at me and stalk out of the house any day now.

Jim took these pictures last night and I’m amazed at the gut-wrenching reaction I had as I looked at them.  Insane pride for the girl she is becoming.  Look at my daughter!  She’s grown and changed so much.  AND an intense longing for the newborn baby she was eight months ago.  I truly thought I had taken advantage of every moment I had to hold her and cuddle her and stare at her and coo with her, but now that she babbles non-stop and rolls clear across a room, I’m not so sure that I took advantage of every teensy-weensy possible moment.  We are having so much fun watching her learn new things, but it’s tough to truly accept and be okay with the fact that she’s moving on.

And now look at her, she’s ready to drive away already.  I suppose this is good practice for the day that she really does leave us to start a life of her own.  On the other hand, maybe she’ll be like her mama, settle down nearby, and never leave us alone!

I can dream, right?!

(Forgive my blogging absence…it’s been a busy week around here, with Molly learning to drive and all!)

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Kiss me…

I’m cute!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Life is hard…

And so is pooping these days.  For Molly, anyway.

Like her daddy, Peaches loves bananas.  Great!, I thought, something she really seemed to enjoy.  Forgetting about everything I had read and heard about the effects of eating too much banana, I gave Molly a banana.  An entire banana.  She gobbled that thing up like she was the spokesbaby for Chiquita.

And she hasn’t pooped since.

She’s tried, poor thing.  She’s grunted and squirmed and squealed.  So I broke out the prunes, and go figure – she LOVES prunes, too.

So now I’m holding my breath and biding my time, waiting for the inevitable blow-out that should follow inhaling prunes at the LAST  THREE MEALS.  I’m thinking I should wear my raincoat in the house and I’m terrified to give her a bath.

On a related side note, we’ve had a successful first day with gDiapers.  We decided to give them a try and they are SO cute and easy to use.  But, as I mentioned, I’m expecting the Biggest Poop Ever any minute – or day? – now.  So we’ll put the gDiapers to the test right away.  I’ll let you know if they pass.

See? I told you they were cute.

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