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Don’t you wish you could cry and scream and throw your spoon when your {current favorite food} was gone?

Something tells me it wouldn’t be as cute if I acted like that when my yogurt, and green beans, and carrots, and blueberries were gone.


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The lack of blog posts should clue you in to one of two things:

1)  There’s not much going on around here.


2) We’re beyond busy.

Take a guess as to which one it is?!  While we’re having a lot of fun, I have had very little time the past two weeks to document what’s going on with Sweet Peaches.  She’s as cute as ever, and getting more adorable and fun every day.  She’s rolling and scooting and babbling and eating and rolling and hitting the dog and laughing and throwing toys.  And the girl has a social calendar like no other.  We are so fortunate to have so many great friends and cousins to hang out with!  Unfortunately, my work schedule has taken precedence over some playdates recently, but we hope to get back in the swing of things soon.

We’re looking forward to long holiday weekend:  visiting the pool, a cook-out with friends, finally playing in the sandbox Grandma and Grandpa brought us, and lots of naps for all three of us!  (I have a *little* to-do list for the house, but Shhh!  Don’t tell Jim yet!)

In the meantime, here’s a sweet moment I was able to catch the other day.  Does anyone else have a difficult time getting the dog AND the baby in the picture?  Or is it just us?

This image just makes my heart smile.

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Public Property

It’s an age-old debate:  Should celebrities and politicians be subjected to the opinions and criticisms of common folks?  Some argue that they chose to be in the public eye, therefore YES they should act like the role models they are.  Others argue that NO, these people are just that, people, and they have the same rights to privacy as the rest of us.  I somehow missed the discussion that mothers are also subject to public opinions and criticisms, but after last week’s trip to the eye doctor, I am eagerly awaiting my large salary check and a phone call from the editors of US Weekly about my cover shoot.

Two people, in two different situations, asked me how old Molly was.  When I replied “Nine months,” looks of shock registered on both women’s faces.  The first one says, “My, she’s a large baby, isn’t she?”  And the second one said, “My granddaughter is nine months old and she’s not near that big!”  Of course I just eek out a smile and  I actually said “thank you” to the first lady.  Seriously?!   “Thank you,” for telling me my baby is abnormally large.  What was I thinking?  Most people say, “She’s beautiful,” or “What a darling baby,” so I guess I expect to hear nice things about my baby.  Of course, last night, I came up with about twenty retorts, so I’ll be ready the next time someone tells me Molly is a giant.  I could have said, “Maybe you should get your eyes checked again,” or “Yeah, she really loves her steak and mashed potatoes, followed by a chocolate milkshake.”

Then, as Molly was throwing every toy and piece of paper that I was handing her to keep her (somewhat) occupied while strapped in her stroller while I looked at glasses frames, another woman tells me that my baby “just needs some attention,” and “Did she take a nap today?  Maybe she’s tired.”  I wanted to say, “No, she’s just irritated that we’re still circling this room of eye glasses frames,” but instead I replied in my nicest voice, “She did nap, actually; I think she’s teething.”  Those poor teeth get blamed for a lot lately.

And finally, a fourth woman says out loud, to no one in particular, “Her little piggies must be so cold.”  I am assuming she was talking about my baby’s bare feet, seeing as how everyone else’s piggies were covered up with socks and shoes.  Except mine, but I doubt anyone cares about my feet.  It was 80 degrees yesterday!  Maybe this lady had been waiting in the waiting room since the early morning hours, when it was still chilly outside?

However, I know that these women mean well, and I am the first to ask for advice from the wise women who have traveled this road of motherhood before me.  But I’m still not going to put socks on these cute little piggies.  Especially when it’s 80 degrees outside.

Aren't these toes adorable? Delicious? To die for?!

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Make Your Mama Proud

Molly knows how to make her mama proud:  She’s a good toe bleeder.

Yes, really, she is.  The nurse told us so this morning at the doctor’s office.

Today, at Molly’s nine month check-up, they had to check her hemoglobin, which required a toe prick, and the nurse was pleased with how easy the process was for Molly.  I was pretty relieved myself.  The rest of the check up went very well, too, and  I suppose, as her mother, that I won’t ever get tired of hearing that Molly is perfect.  Dr. H did comment that Molly does things on her own terms – which we already  knew; the latest evidence for that claim is the order in which her teeth are coming in. Apparently, the bicuspids don’t usually come in first.  Go figure.

And because I know you’re dying of curiosity, here are the stats:

Nine Months

19.1 pounds

28 inches long

(and, in true family fashion, she still has a HUGE head!)

{What is that you say, Whitney…”bobbleheads unite”?!}

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This year, Mother’s Day has a whole new meaning for me.  While I am enjoying my morning of no chores, cuddling with my baby and my husband, walking to get a coffee, and preparing for the rest of the day, I am also thinking about the mothers I know and love.

There is my own mother, of course, who is a constant source of love and support in my life, who has taught me to live passionately, laugh often, and listen patiently.  She has always been a key part of my life, but especially so now that I am a mother myself.  She knows when I need a break and she knows when I need to be with my family.  She calls to just to check on us.  She shares her thoughts but respects my goals as a mom.  She lets me make mistakes and tells me its ok when I call her crying.  She adores Molly but remembers I am her daughter.  I hope that one day Molly will appreciate me the way I appreciate my mom.

Then there is my sister Beverly, mother to three of the sweetest, cutest blond haired babies ever.  I love her because she is my sister and I love her because she is a good example of what real motherhood is – fun and messy and loud and busy and so sweet.  My relationship with Beverly changed the minute she became a mother seven years ago; she was responsible for baby Jackson and I was in awe of the love she had for her son and the effort she put into taking care of him.  My awe of her grows every year, with every challenge and blessing she encounters.  She also gives priceless advice, for which I am eternally grateful.  She’s the first person I call when I have a question. (Just the other day, a friend asked about a product I use for Molly and why I chose that particular product.  My answer:  “It’s what my sister uses.” )

My mother-in-law and my grandmother are other mothers I am thinking about today.  They are mothers to people who I love most in this world.  Without my husband and my dad, I wouldn’t be a mom to Molly today.  My grandmother worked hard and raised a responsible, respectable man.  My mother-in-law raised a kind and independent son.  You both deserve a day of thanks and recognition.

My friends that are moms are incredible sources of strength, humor, and wisdom.  Some are moms to brand new babies, others are moms to multiple children, some of them are mothers to angels, but they are all wonderful role models.  We share our stories, our struggles and our successes.  We learn from each other and support each other as we figure out how to become the best moms we can be.

Here’s to all the mothers out there today!  Enjoy YOUR day and know that you are loved and respected, not just by your children and your husband, but by other moms and moms-to-be who look to you for guidance and examples.

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Dearest Molly,

How is it that every month just keeps getting better?  Every day I think I love you to my heart’s capacity, but somehow my heart just keeps growing to accommodate all the love and wonder I have for you.

We saw a family with a tiny baby in an infant carrier this evening and I said to your dad, “Do you remember when Molly was that little and we toted her everywhere?”  It seems like ages ago.  Now we enjoy lovely dinners with food on the floor, knocked over beers, handfuls of refried beans,  and flying spoons, pacifiers, napkins, and anything else you can get your hands on.  You don’t like to sit in your stroller anymore and you throw puffs on the floor for Allie.  My cell phone is the most fascinating toy for you, so I have to work hard to keep it out of sight.

BUT, you know who Mom and Dad and Doggie are, you are on the brink of crawling, and you are learning to have a gentle touch. (My arms, Allie, Ruby the cat, and all of your friends will be glad to know that.)  You love to sit in my lap when I read to you and we are practicing blowing bye-bye kisses.  You love to watch your big cousins, Jackson and Benjamin, and you think Addison is funny.  You are extra snuggly when you’re tired and it’s so hard to leave you in the morning to go to work.  Dad and I both race home to see you because there’s no where else we’d rather be than hanging out with you.  You love to be outside and see the flowers, listen to the birds, touch the grass, and watch the neighbors.

Just so you know, I will trade a million shortened shopping trips and food on the floor for your smile.  I hope you always know that.

All my love,


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