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It’s so crazy to think that a year ago, Jim and I were waiting on our baby’s arrival.  My due date had come and gone, I had gone shopping to dampen my disappointment that I was still waiting to meet my bundle of joy, we were still trying to figure out a name for our sweet daughter, and we walked to Dairy Queen and Red Box every night, hoping the heat and the exercise would induce labor.

As Molly’s first birthday approaches, I am remembering the excitement and anxiety of waiting for her.  I was so emotional:  tired of being pregnant; excited to meet my daughter; and scared of labor and actually bringing my baby home to take care of her.  This year, this week brings birthday gift shopping, last minute party planning, and enjoying the last week of my baby’s “baby-ness.”  She is already a toddler in so many ways, but I am denying this fact this week.

She is my baby and always will be.


We are enjoying the last of our beach vacation this weekend, so check back next week for pictures of my beach baby.


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You may remember, months ago, when I said I wanted to make something for Molly.  I should have stopped at the nice thought and moved on.  But no, instead I actually decided that I would, indeed, make her something.  So I found a pattern for an A-line dress.  So cute!  So simple!

Or so I thought.  My neighbor is lucky the sewing machine hasn’t ended up in his backyard.  I’ve been thisclose to chucking that thing out the window on more than one occasion.  Don’t get me wrong – things started out easy enough.  First, I modified the dress by finding grosgrain ribbon to tie the dress closed at the back of the neck instead of a zipper, or buttons.  Then, I had no problem cutting out the pattern and fabric.  Easy-peasy, I thought, getting just a little too smug about this sewing business.

I got one shoulder seam sewn and started on the second one.  I have sewn and ripped apart the second shoulder seam no less than 54 times.  I kid you not.  The tension is too tight, so I loosen it.  The tension is too tight, so I loosen it.  Back and forth.  On and on.  Multiple times a day, multiple days a week.

Months ago, I put the sewing machine away but today I got it back out.  I’m newly inspired (by many things, including a subtle nudge from Jim that I should really finish the dress before Molly turns 21 and can’t fit in it) and felt ready to tackle the project again.  Until the sewing machine made me cry.  Something is WRONG with this sewing machine, I’ve decided.

And since I’m not going to finish this dress, I better go shopping to find a cute dress for my baby.  I hope Molly knows I love her whether I can sew her a simple A-line dress or not!

{And for the love of God, if you know what is wrong with my sewing machine, please send me an email!}

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A post about food

My daughter is a healthy eater.  At playgroup the other day, we were discussing various milestones our babies had reached and what our children ate at each meal.  You know, the riveting stuff moms talk about.  Molly is just sitting in the middle of the room, watching the other kids scoot, crawl, and walk around the room, and Lauren says – in response to my concern over Molly’s lack of movement – “She’s a really good eater, isn’t she?”

Yes.  Yes, she is.  I’m counting on her slimming down a bit once she’s more mobile.  The girl will eat anything we put in front of her.  At dinner the other night, Jim asked me if we should be concerned since Peaches had been eating for HOURS.


I talked today with Andrea and Beverly about how much Molly is growing up; she’s almost one!  She understands more and more everyday and even though she can’t verbally communicate with me, she’s finding ways to tell me what she wants.  Or doesn’t want.

At lunch today, the menu was turkey and blackberries.  Molly refused both – she threw the turkey on the floor and mashed the berries on the table.  I wasn’t going to fix her something different, so she went down for her nap without lunch.  After a long nap, she was ready for a snack.  Guess what she got?  Turkey and blackberries.  At first she refused both, turning her head away and pushing her highchair away from the table.  I picked up the bag of yogurt melts {or baby crack, if you ask me} and said, “If you want the yogurt melts, you have to eat your turkey.”  {So, I’m resorting to bribery already.  Oops.}

Molly looked at me, looked at the bag of yogurt melts, and then she ate the turkey.  She ate a few pieces of turkey and then waited expectantly for a yogurt melt; then she ate a few more pieces of turkey and waited for another yogurt melt.

Is this girl smart, or what?


Tonight, while reading Molly her books before bed, I made a gesture with my hand that must have looked like I was holding a piece of food because she leaned in with an open mouth.  It took me a few minutes to realize what she was doing, and then Jim and I were laughing so hard we couldn’t finish reading the book.

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Molly showed us last Friday – a week ago – that she was capable of crawling.  Yet she has only crawled a handful of times since then.  One of those times was right off the edge of the bed.  And another time was into a door frame.  And yet another time was to pull on the cord of my {plugged in} hair straightener.

I think she realizes that it’s not very safe to crawl around here.

I think I liked it better when she wasn’t crawling at all.  Looks like we’ll be baby-proofing the house this weekend.  Or at least using a little bit of common sense, such as unplugging hot appliances when we’re not using them.


Last week was our wedding anniversary.  To celebrate, we spent our first night away from Molly and partied like rock stars.  Old, tired rock stars, maybe, but still.  We hung out at the pool at the Ritz downtown and had an afternoon cocktail.  I forgot how relaxing the pool can be without a squirmy, 25 pound toddler.  Then, we had dinner at a new {to us} place downtown and ended the night with a drink at one of our favorite spots from our dating days.  I took over an hour to get ready for dinner and even remembered to put mascara on both eyes!  See what I mean about being a rock star?


I have a few weeks off before the fall semester starts, so to celebrate, we’ve seen all our friends this week!  Molly’s social calendar is taking full advantage of our free time; it’s been fun to squeeze in as much friend time as possible.  We have a beach trip coming up soon AND to make sure this is one summer I’ll never forget, I scheduled to have my wisdom teeth extracted next week.  {Chocolate ice cream is my favorite, thanks for asking.}

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Today Jim and I celebrate four years of wedded bliss.

No, really…it has been pretty blissful.

Seriously, this was the best picture I could find.

This week, I have been thinking about how short a time four years actually is but when I think of everything that’s happened in those four years, it’s hard believe.  We’ve been through job changes (three for me, one for him), job loss, weddings and funerals, witnessed friends have babies, and had a baby of our own.  I feel like I’ve known Jim all my life but I learn something new about him every day.  He’s a wonderful man and a doting husband, and I’m so lucky to have him in my life!


Have I told you the story of how we met?

No?!  It’s a good one…

It was my birthday weekend and some girlfriends were in town to celebrate with me.  One night, we planned to go to a house party that our friend John was having with his new roommates.  I drove to the party to meet up with everyone and Jim answered the door.  I knew at that moment that I would marry Jim, but had to spend the next few weeks convincing him.  Poor John.  He had to arrange quite a few get-togethers the next few weeks; luckily it was basketball season so we would meet up to watch a lot of UNC basketball games that season.  In March, just two short months later, Jim and I tossed around the idea of flying to Vegas to get married.  Being the respectful guy that he is, he quickly retracted his statement, thinking my family might not appreciate that.

When our wedding day finally arrived, it was a beautiful 80 degree day.  In July. In North Carolina. (If that isn’t a sign that it was meant to be, I don’t know what is…)  Everything was perfect; I didn’t want the night to end, but I was excited to start our lives together as husband and wife.  I hope (one day, far, far in the future) Molly will be as lucky in love as I am.

Happy Anniversary, baby!  I love you!


Usually, Jim and I exchange “traditional” anniversary gifts.  The first year was paper, the second year was cotton, year three was cotton…Do you know the fourth year anniversary gift is?  Flowers.  And fruit.  Really?  A man obviously didn’t make this gift list.  Can you imagine is I sent Jim a bouquet of flowers and a basket of fruit to him today?  He would be the laughingstock of the office.  And you already know how much I love him, so I don’t want him to be the laughingstock of the office.  And he already plants all the flowers at home (and they look awesome, by the way) and we buy a ton of fruit at the grocery every week.  When I told Jim how difficult this year’s gifts were, he just laughed and told me I wasn’t being creative enough.  (And that’s a surprise because…?)

So, I want to hear it:  What would YOU give your husband for your fourth anniversary?  The anniversary of fruit and flowers?

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Dearest Peaches,

Yesterday morning, as we were slowly starting our day (thanks for sleeping in, by the way!), your daddy said to me, “I know you loved it when she was a cuddly baby, but this is way more fun.”  And you know what?  He was RIGHT!  You are at such a fun stage right now:  laughing, moving, pretending to share your toys and your pacifier.  You still aren’t crawling yet, but you definitely have the moves.  You have started to pull up on the couch and my legs, and I’ve found you sitting or standing in your crib more than once in the last month.  Yesterday you ate your breakfast and lunch off of a plate – and you didn’t throw the food or the plate halfway across the room!  You are so toddler-like now; just today while you were playing with Samantha, the two of you stood at the couch and played with your toys up there and you were so much happier than when you were on the floor.  (You had also just eaten, which I’m sure helped your mood!)

Last night, you had trouble falling asleep (teeth again?  maybe because we kept you up two nights in a row to watch fireworks?) and your dad and I both took turns rocking you.  You cried when I put you back in your crib and I wanted to pick you up again, but I wasn’t so sure that you needed to be held.  You were just so tired.  I think I was the one who needed to hold you.

Even though most days pass too quickly and I long to slow them down, I love waking up to your smiling face every morning, eager to see what each new day brings.

We love you so much!

All my love,


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