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Yikes!  I realized I haven’t posted anything in over a week – my sister and business partner was out of town over the weekend, so I was holding down the fort over at Sweet Birdie’s Nest and it was time for a test in my classes, so I have been busy getting the tests written, copied, stapled, and now graded.  And then there’s that whole toddler thing, you know.  That girl is busy!  Luckily she’s a happy-busy toddler.  She wakes up in the morning, points at her shoes and then proceeds to take everything out of the bathroom cabinets, off the ledge in the tub (behind the shower curtain!) and destroy an entire roll of toilet paper.  This morning, she stepped it up a bit and also emptied an entire container of wipes, scattered a box of disposable bibs across four rooms of the house and tossed her farm fridge magnets in the toilet.  Her favorite toys continue to be the dog bowls and now the laundry basket.  I find her dirty laundry everywhere in the afternoons; she even managed to get a pair of shorts between the couch cushions!

"Isn't being a toddler awesome, Mom? Look at all this cool stuff to explore!"

I told Jim last night that I felt like I didn’t have anything to write about, but realized today that perhaps I just have too much say and am not sure where to start!  I seriously think if we could figure out how bottle the energy of toddlers, we could sell it and quit our jobs.  And no one would have to drink caffeine or use that 5 hour energy gel ever again; think of everything you could accomplish with the energy of a 14 month old!


Molly’s getting feisty.  The other day, Jim and I watched Molly push her baby doll stroller all over the house.  She learned the night before how to turn it so she wouldn’t get stuck in a corner or against a wall, but she hadn’t quite mastered getting it over the bump of the area rug in the family room.  We were talking to her and trying to encourage her – but letting her figure it out after showing her once – and boy was she angry with us.  I’m not quite sure where her quick temper comes from (Jim maybe?) (I know those of you who know us personally are laughing out loud right now) but it’s quite amusing to watch her get so mad at something and then so easily distracted by another toy or a book or her milk or the dog or anything other than the toy that she can’t figure out.


I’m looking forward to the weekend – the rain should be gone but the cooler temperatures will remain.  We’re running in Charlotte’s Race for the Cure and, wait for it….that’s the ONLY thing we have scheduled.  I’m so excited to just hang out at home with my family and not rush anywhere.  And by hang out at home, I mean go to the Elizabeth Home Tour with my mom and sister, organize our home office, mop the floor and dust the blinds, go for a seven mile run, and prepare Power Point slides for next week’s classes.  Oh, and lots of football.  Our teams have important games this weekend so I imagine we might have to change Molly’s outfit a few times on Saturday.


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I love my Real Simple magazine.  Every month, I love the organization articles and the recipes; we always find at least one or two or ten to try.  Several months ago, they did a feature on ten ways to make ravioli, and this is one of our favorites.  It’s so easy and delicious (that’s what I actually wrote on the magazine page!).  An added bonus:  It’s meatless!

Ravioli with Spicy Cauliflower

1 package of fresh or frozen ravioli

1 head coarsely chopped cauliflower

2 cloves sliced garlic

1/4 t of crushed red pepper

3/4 c pitted green olives (halved)

Cook the cauliflower, garlic and crushed pepper in olive oil over medium heat until the cauliflower is tender and brown.  Season with salt.

Cook ravioli according to package directions, reserving 1/4 pasta water.

Mix the ravioli, cauliflower mixture, green olives, and pasta water.  Serve.

See?  I told you it was easy!

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  • Now that we have a full-fledged walker on our hands, life is so much more interesting, dangerous, and fun.  Molly has a huge bruise on her forehead from toppling over one too many times (remember Bobbleheads Reunite?!) but that doesn’t prevent her from getting up and going again.  She loves to bring us her shoes and go outside for a walk, and sometimes a tumble, in the yard.  Last night, after reading her bedtime stories, she walked to her room and stood in front of her crib.  It was so sweet.  However, now she never wants to be held, which makes me a little sad.
  • I think Molly knows the words “ball” and “no.”  She held a ball up the other day and said something that sounded like ball.  And she says “no” a lot.  Pretty much whenever we ask her something.
  • We participated in a local 5K over the weekend and our friend John won the race.  Pretty impressive, huh?  And Meredith and I placed in our age groups.  {It was a small local race, mind you, but still…}
  • Are you wondering why my posts are getting fewer and farther in between?  Believe me, it’s not for lack of material {I do have a toddler, you know} but because I’ve been working on a second blog with my sister:  Sweet Birdie’s Nest.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should.  Go ahead, do it now before you forget!  We’re having a giveaway this week, so you definitely don’t want to miss out!

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And She’s Off!

Things are getting ready to get a lot more interesting around here…

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A Day for the Record Books

Today marks two important events in our lives:

1)  Molly went to school with a smile on her face.  I had the pacifier tucked in my pocket, just in case, but when we walked into her classroom, she gave her teachers the biggest grin.  And she was still grinning when I picked her up.

2)  Peaches took her first real steps today!  She’s been pushing toys and chairs around the house for a while now, and will walk holding our hands, but today, when I was in my bedroom finding my running clothes, I heard this peculiar noise.  A pitter-pat of sorts.  So I quietly peeked out into the hallway and she was toddling – all by herself, holding on to nothing.  She probably took seven or eight steps before she turned and grinned at me, and then plopped down on her bottom.  But I’ll count those as her first real steps.

{I have a video of the walking to post soon!}

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Over the recent Labor Day weekend, we managed to squeeze in one more trip to the beach before fall arrives.  We are fortunate enough to live close to (and enjoy spending time with!) my parents and one of my sisters and her children, so we all traveled to the coast together. {We missed Whitney, but she was having her own adventure.  It just happened to be on the opposite coast.}  It IS hurricane season and it just so happened that there were numerous storms in the Atlantic the week before Labor Day, so we watched the weather all week and literally arrived at the beach just hours after Hurricane Earl passed through; lucky for us, Earl was in a hurry to move up and out, and we arrived to perfect beach weather.

As everyone knows, traveling with children can create some interesting memories…A few of my favorites include:

1)  We allowed plenty of time for travel (we were with FOUR kids, ages 13 months to seven) and ended up arriving at the marina in time to catch an earlier ferry, so we hustled to get the cars unloaded and everyone onto the same ferry.  Beverly and I had Addison and Molly in strollers, and being some of the last people to board the ferry, there weren’t many places for us to go.  So, we ended up in the front of the boat.  Remember that hurricane that just moved out?  It wasn’t until we were soaked that we remembered the water might be a little rough because of the category four storm that had passed through a mere ten hours before.  And, we also remembered sitting there once before and getting similar results; fortunately, the boys thought it was a grand adventure and the girls didn’t mind too much.  Beverly and I were the ones that were the most disappointed:  we had both straightened our hair that morning.  Go figure.  It was at this point in the trip that my dear husband reminded us that we were creating memories.

2)  Addison and Molly were troopers on the beach, and Jackson and Benjamin were having a blast building forts, digging holes, and casting fishing nets.  Beverly, my mom, and I even got to sit down some.  Well, my mom didn’t really get to sit down, but that’s what Nana’s do, right?!  There was a lovely breeze from the east and the temperature was ideal.  There was just one pesky problem:  Horse flies.  They were literally attacking us and Molly was none too happy about being annihilated by the  horse flies.  On the first day, the wind calmed down and the horse flies subsided.  But on Sunday, while Beverly, my mom, and I were dancing and hopping to prevent the pests from landing on our ankles, Molly was getting her fair share of bites.  At this point, I had two choices:  1- continue to subject my daughter to the sting of the horse flies or 2- take her in even though we’d been on the beach for less than an hour.  So, I did what any good mother would do when faced with a similar dilemma:  I covered my baby in Deet.

And although there are many more memories to share (Nana on a rollout bed?  Only for a camp-out with her grandsons!), I’ll leave you with two final thoughts:

1)  Babies love Goldfish crackers.  And Pop-tarts.  And they can survive an entire weekend on a diet of Goldfish and Pop-tarts.

2)  Waitresses don’t think it’s funny when you order a beer at dinner and your husband jokingly orders one for the baby.  I mean, seriously?

I love that Molly has so many opportunities to make memories with her cousins!  I hope it’s always as fun as this past weekend was.  Thanks for a great time, everyone!

{picture courtesy of Beverly}

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Molly and her new preschool teachers breathed a loud sigh of relief at 1 o’clock this afternoon.

Poor thing…Molly was all smiles as we were getting ready this morning and even in the car on the way to school.  She had no clue what was coming.  Yes, I had prepped her for school but of course she didn’t truly understand that I was actually going to drop her off with total strangers and seven other crying kids for FOUR HOURS!

I was thirty minutes into my class when I noticed the little red light was blinking on my Blackberry.  A quick glance at the time and my heart hit my stomach.  I said a little prayer that the missed call wouldn’t be the preschool.  Oh, but of course it was.  And my voicemail informed me that my dear, sweet, sensitive daughter had been crying for the entire 59 minutes she’d been at school this morning.  (No, I don’t make it a habit to check my phone during class but it WAS the first day of school!)

(Jim managed to get this picture in the 15 second hand-off. She was crying before we could even hand her over the gate!)

I debated about whether or not to dismiss class and travel at the speed of light to pick Molly up early.  I suggested they take her outside for a few minutes and try to give her her milk; I’d call back in 15 minutes and see how she was doing.  Well, lo and behold, when I called the director back, Molly was playing happily outside.  She cried again towards the end of the day once some of the other moms started picking up their children and she was thrilled to see me when I walked in.  The teacher said Molly’s favorite parts of the day were recess and lunch.  (That confirms that she’s perfectly normal:  Who doesn’t love recess and lunch?!)

Here’s hoping that tomorrow morning is a little less stressful for all of us.

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