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Happy Thanksgiving!

Molly is very excited about Thanksgiving. More specifically, turkeys. ¬†She runs around saying, “Gobble, gobble.” She’s also very excited about wearing her pumpkin dress tomorrow. (Funny side note – last night I was folding laundry and Molly’s reversible Shrimp and Grits pumpkin/santa jumper was in the clean clothes. I told her she had one more day to wear the pumpkin side and then we’d reverse it. At this point, I flipped the dress inside out and showed her the Santa face. Molly looked perplexed and said, “That’s not a pumpkin.”)

At school, Ms. Becky and Ms. Michelle asked the kids what they were thankful for and wrote the responses on feathers. Molly was thankful for ‘cookies.’

I am thankful that we are healthy and that we have a warm home and food to eat. I am thankful that Molly gives hugs and kisses to me everyday. {I am also thankful that she sleeps well.} Finally, I am thankful to have a kind, supportive husband who always want Molly and me to be happy.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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