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My parents watched Molly for us last night while Jim and I headed into the big city for dinner at a new {to us} restaurant, 5 Church.  The food was yummy, the atmosphere cool and the company fantastic. The best part was that Jim was home before the sun set, so I felt like we spent eons together. It was nice.

Or maybe the best part was that we were home by 10 and in bed shortly thereafter? Lame? Maybe, but there’s only so much to do uptown when one is pregnant.

We continued our great weekend today with a pretty lazy family day – a.m. cartoons, a walk to Starbucks, checked out the new playground, sold a desk on Craigslist, lunch at East Blvd Bar and Grill {Molly loved the round fries, even though she doubted us at first!}, naps all around and then banana and chocolate chip pancakes for dinner.

Molly even chose the Kevin Henkes book A Good Day for one of her bedtime stories because it was indeed a good day. How cute is that?


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As Jim sits at the dining room table on his laptop and I plop down on the couch with my laptop to proof something for a customer, I declare, “Someone was so smart, inventing laptops, so they could work from the couch.”

Jim chuckles and says, “I’m pretty sure the laptop was invented for travel, not working from the couch.”

I’m pretty sure I win this one; what do you think?


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It’s been busy around here, getting back into a routine after several weeks of nothing-ness over the holidays. Molly started back to school, then got sick. We’re currently potty training {which deserves it’s own post…}. My school semester started back and Sweet Birdie’s Nest is rockin’. And I celebrated a birthday!

I enjoyed a two-week celebration, including a girls’ dinner at Cantina; a much needed mani/pedi with Jessica; lunch; dinner with Jim, Molly and my mom; drinks with Jim, Meredith & John;  a weekend in Asheville; and a family dinner to celebrate mine and Jackson’s birthday. {And the fun’s not over – I’m looking forward to another dinner out on Saturday to celebrate mine, Caroline’s and James’ bdays this weekend and a get-together with Lauren and Sarah on Friday!} I’m definitely feeling the love this month!!

Jim and I had a blast in Asheville. I was very hesitant to leave Molly for some reason, but very much enjoyed the weekend away with my husband! We left Charlotte at lunchtime on Friday, checked into the The Blake House Inn, grabbed a snack, then headed back to the inn for a massage. After the massage, we headed into downtown Asheville for a yummy dinner and then had hot chocolate at a very hip chocolate lounge. It was SO cold, but that’s exactly what a I wanted! We had a leisurely Saturday, wandering around downtown Asheville. We did a little shopping and a lot of eating. And we got to talk to each other without constant interruptions or picking up of random objects off the floor. I was ready to head home on Sunday, though, to see my Peach!

A HUGE thank you to my mom and dad for keeping Molly so we could get away for the weekend!

I’m hosting a Junior League meeting at my house tomorrow night {watch Sweet Birdie’s Nest for details and pictures from the event} and I’ve been working on some projects around the house that I hope to share soon. And hopefully I’ll have a good report to share about Molly’s potty training!


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Yesterday was my birthday and the third and final “snow” day of the week.  I managed to convince Jim that it was too icy to drive the 30 minutes to work at 7:30, so he worked from home until lunchtime.  Between calls, we made a quick trek to Starbucks to get my birthday latte and then he settled in at the dining room table to work.  Molly (and I) loved this and she wanted to work with her Daddy.  She pushed a chair beside him and then wanted to get in the chair.  She worked as his assistant for long periods of time.  {Well, long for toddler time.}  We were both sad to see him leave for the office.

After dinner, Jim got me a birthday cake and candles.

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As a mom, you give up a lot of things…going to the bathroom alone, new shoes, expensive face lotion and shampoo.  Oh, sure, you get SO much more in return.  I mean, have you every heard a toddler laugh with abandon?  I’d give up all my shoes if it meant I’d hear Molly laugh every day.

But the thing I miss the most?  Is reading.  And to be fair, it’s not all Molly’s fault.  I do, after all, teach writing classes at the community college, which means I read a lot of textbook chapters and essays on a weekly basis.  But I can’t be certain if it’s the parenting of a toddler or the teaching of freshman that leaves me absolutely exhausted at the end of each day, completely unable to even lift a paperback book.  However, several weeks ago, I found myself wandering through a bookstore and, forgetting who I was for a moment, purchased *several* books.

And guess what?  I read two of them this week.  I find myself wondering, were they that good?  Or did I just miss my addiction that much?  I must give serious love to Jim, who told me to continue reading when Molly needed a diaper change or more milk, and he understood that I couldn’t watch the football game because I was reading.  Oh, and no laundry was folded or floors swept.  But hey, I read two books.  Doesn’t that count for something?!  {Molly was still lovingly cared for and played with, two playdates were attended, and prep for the upcoming semester was completed, in case you were wondering…}

Let me tell you, it’s been a glorious week.  And to make things even better?  I got a Nook for my birthday.  I’m hoping to squeeze in a lot more reading from now on because I’m so excited about my new gadget.

Oh, and do you want to know what I read this week?

Both wonderful, make-you-think kind of books.  And there’s a huge stack on the end table and a great number already on my eWish list on my Nook…maybe I should have assigned less essays this semester?!

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I cannot believe that our vacations are almost over, the Christmas decorations are gone, and 2010 has become 2011.  The other night, I looked back at my “Ten in 2010” list {which was really just my clever way of not writing any “resolutions”} and I only truly accomplished two things on my list:  make something for Molly and run a half-marathon.  Jim got a kick out of some of the things on my 2010 to-do list and reminded me that some of them were quite ambitious!  So now I’m trying to decide if I re-use some of those items or start over?

I don’t know what it is about the new year, but I feel like there’s an opportunity to do things over, the right way.  I used to feel that way at the beginning of each school year, and now that I’m teaching at the college level, I feel that way each semester.  Take what you learned the year (or semester) before, apply what worked and tweak what didn’t.  However, that’s *much* easier to do on paper.  For me, anyway.

If I only accomplish ONE thing in 2011, I want it to be this:  to be more intentional.  I want to spend time with my family and friends in an intentional way and avoid constant multi-tasking.  Don’t get me wrong – I love to multi-task and it’s very necessary sometimes.  But I’m finding myself multi-tasking more and more when I should really be focusing on one thing, or person.  I always think that if I can accomplish more tasks *now*, then it will leave more time for later.  In reality, I just fill that free time with more stuff and miss out on just being.

Of course, it would also be nice to work out more consistently, finally organize the office upstairs, and get our budget under control.  Is 2011 the year to accomplish all of these things?  I certainly hope so, but I might be intentionally enjoying time with Jim and Molly and not get around to those things!

Happy New Year to you!  What ONE thing do you hope to accomplish this year?


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We had such an exciting Christmas!  I’m usually hard-pressed to get out of bed in the mornings, but on Christmas Day, I was ready to see Molly’s reaction and couldn’t wait until she woke up!  When she finally awoke, we took her into the family room to see her play kitchen and grocery cart and she immediately started to play with her new toys, but then wanted to eat breakfast.  We sat down at her little table so she could eat a cinnamon roll with us, and Jim and I both realized in the same moment that this would be the last Christmas morning that we would sit down to a leisurely breakfast first thing in a long time!

Good morning, Peaches!

I know just how this works!

Jim and I made the play kitchen that Molly got for Christmas.  It was fun to work together to design, create, and give this gift to our daughter.

After Molly played with her gifts a while longer, Jim and I exchanged gifts and then we went to my mom’s house for breakfast and gifts.  Beverly, Ben, Jackson, Benjamin, and Addison were there, too.  It’s so fun to see Molly interact with and get to know her cousins.  I pray every night that they will all be close and I love that we get to see them so often!  My mom went the extra mile to make sure the kids knew Santa had been there:

Santa's footprints, sleigh bells, and carrots for the reindeer

Oops, Santa lost his hat!

Isn’t that so fun?!

Then we came home for naps and went back to my mom and dad’s for dinner.  By this time, Whitney and Mike had arrived from Tennessee and we were finally all together for Christmas!  And, to make the day even better, it snowed!  It started snowing while we were at my parents’ house and it snowed all through the night.

Jim, Molly, and me

Christmas is so different as a parent – there are weeks, sometimes months, of expectations leading up to the day and you never know how your child will react.  It was funny to realize that to Molly, it was just another day and she wanted to eat when she woke up!  But it was also fun to see her react to the fun toys, being with the entire family, and enjoying multiple cookies.  She knew it was a special day if she got so many sweet treats!  {We have the funniest video to share of our cookie monster soon!}  We are so blessed and I am grateful that we were able to celebrate Christmas in so many ways.

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