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Watch out, Renee – It seems as if Molly has her eye on your man.

Renee is our beloved babysitter. Molly adores her, and I think the feeling is reciprocal. However, I just learned today that Molly might also love Renee’s fiancée, Justin.

Renee and Justin’s engagement party is this Saturday night and SBN created some favor tags and food label tents for the party. I was punching out the favor tags today when Molly pulled up a chair and asked me what I was working on. I told her that I was making favor tags for Renee’s party.

“Renee’s birthday party???!!!”

“No, her engagement party. Renee and Justin are getting married, so they’re having a party to celebrate.”

“Oh.” Without missing a beat, “I’m going to marry Justin, too.”

While I briefly entertained the idea of marrying her off already, I told her I wasn’t quite ready for her to get married, and that maybe she should wait, oh…about 30 years!


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More Mollyisms

Molly continues to crack us up. The best part is, her teachers say the same thing  🙂

When I picked her up at school today, she was covered in pink {really need to figure out how to type that word the way she says it} glitter. I watched her through the window while she used her hands to scrape the errant pieces of glitter off the table and walked with cupped hand to the trash can. She then saw me and came right to the door, but Ms. Michelle was close behind. They talked about names today at school, and Molly told the class that my names are “Mommy” and “wifey.” At first, Michelle and Becky thought she was kind of saying “Heidi,” but Molly was quick to correct them.


Last week, we were playing at Graham’s house and Graham asked his mom for something to drink. Molly piped up and said she wanted something to drink too. When Jessica asked if Molly wanted milk or water, Molly immediately replied, “Juice box.”

Can’t blame a girl for trying, right? {For the record, she got milk!}


Two of Molly’s new phrases are “I got a question” and “I got an answer.” She’s not quite using them in context, but it’s hilarious.

“Mom, I got a question.”

“Ok, yes?”

“I got a question.”


And on and on it goes.


Kristen, one of the toddler teachers at preschool today, had on a very cute pink and green maxi dress. Molly apparently liked it too, because Kristen told me that Molly came up to Kristen on the playground today and said, “You’re cute.”


Want to see some cute pictures? I blogged a few more Easter pictures over at SBN.

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