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I put Molly down for her nap, shut the door, and listened to her coo and babble and babble and coo.  A few minutes later, she was fussy.  A few seconds later, I heard the most horrible shrieking sound.  Allie, the dog, cocked her head at me and raised one ear as if to say, “Where did the monkeys on the roof come from?”  I panicked, never having heard this sound, and realized it was my baby.

I rushed into Molly’s nursery to see her turned 180 degrees from the place that I knew I had laid her down, face down on her crib mattress.

I think Peaches can roll over.

She’s finally sleeping peacefully and my heart has slowed to its normal rhythm.  Maybe we’ll have her practice using her hands to push her face out of the mattress, or even roll her self back over, this weekend.


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