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Pregnant? Oh, yes. I’m pregnant. I’m in a weird place these past two weeks where I haven’t been physically sick and we’re not really doing anything around the house to plan for the babe’s arrival yet, and then throw in the beginning of the fall semester, a three-year-old and Junior League commitments, and I kind of forget about this pregnancy sometimes.

I’m not complaining, and I know this is typical of subsequent pregnancies. I’m so grateful that I’m not suffering from all-day sickness anymore and I’m glad I still have a bit of time to go before we become a family of four. But I’m also starting to panic that we haven’t done more to prepare for this baby, like figuring out where he’s going to sleep. I know that *he* won’t care if his room’s not ready, BUT it’s important to me and I want to create a sweet space for him, and get Molly settled in a new room. So, I’m officially moving that high up on the priority list. {Plus, it’s fun to decorate new spaces!}

Otherwise, there’s nothing to report. I’m still going to the doctor once a month. I’m finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight {and have a feeling I will have far surpassed that by the time I visit the OB again in September!}. My back and hips hurt. The vomiting and headaches have ceased. I need to stop buying summer maternity clothes and save up for fall ones.

I’m going to sell the pink cloth diapers and a few other “pink” items and start stocking up on green and yellow cloth diapers and find a neutral colored bouncy seat and some white and gray blankets. I loved, loved, loved all the pink stuff for Molly {and I still do!} but I’m anticipating that wrapping my baby boy in a pink blanket and strolling him around in a pink stroller with a pink cloth diaper cover on his bum will bother *some* people.

I certainly don’t want to rush this pregnancy, for several reasons. The main one being that we’re totally not ready for his arrival, but also because I’m trying to remember to focus on this time with just Molly. However, I am looking forward to eating a turkey sandwich, going out for sushi and having a glass of wine.

We’re on our way to Molly’s three-year well visit. I’ll report back this weekend with an update! Also, please say a prayer for my sister-in-law Lindsay and brother-in-law Geoff; they are sitting on pins and needles, I bet, while their sweet baby decides whether to come several weeks early. Lindsay is on hospital bed rest and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the babe decides to hang out right where he/she is for the moment!


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Many of you who check in on the blog probably received my email yesterday with our exciting news.

And to answer some questions: Yes, I’m pregnant. And yes, I’m due in December. I am 14 weeks; the due date is December 18. I’m anxious about ruining Molly’s Christmas, but also pretty confident this baby won’t be here before Christmas which means I’m worrying about nothing (big surprise, I know!).

I’m finally feeling somewhat better, as in I haven’t vomited in three days and I actually ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner today. It’s been a rough few months, but I expected it to be seeing as how I was pretty sick with Molly, too. Molly has watched more t.v. than I’d like, and she spent a few weeks following me around, pretending to throw up and telling me that the baby in her tummy hurt too. Somehow, I know she’ll be okay and hopefully forget about these things.

Molly has already been SO sweet to the baby, rubbing my (already seemingly huge!) belly and giving kisses and hugs. She also likes to tell random people at Target that we have babies in our tummies. The other day at the pool, I was wearing a tankini and Molly asked me, “Why are you covering up the baby?” She has all kinds of funny comments and thoughts surrounding the new baby, so stay tuned for more updates soon.

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Two years ago, I was anxiously waiting on Molly’s arrival. She was late. Very late by my standards. I remember when I went to the OB on my due date and they told me that they’d let me go ten days past my due date before any intervention; I was horrified and relieved. I wanted a natural birth and an induction doesn’t qualify as a ‘natural’ birth – to me, anyway! My mom and sister were so sweet to take me shopping to help take my mind off the fact that I was 40 weeks pregnant in July!

Jim and I walked to the Red Box at the Harris Teeter on Central Ave and then to the Dairy Queen almost every night for two weeks. We probably watched more movies in those two weeks than ever before in our married life.

Two years ago, I was wondering every hour if my water was going to break, if the contractions would start. I went for non-stress tests and had my fluid levels checked.  We finally scheduled my induction for the day before the ten days was up, with my favorite doctor, and we actually almost missed him as the shifts changed; he was so kind to stay a bit later to deliver our sweet baby girl.

I wish I had kept better journals of what I was thinking and feeling during my pregnancy. I’d love to know what I was thinking two years ago tonight. Tonight, though, all I can think about is how much I love that baby girl who’s asleep in the next room and how cute she is when she says ‘twooooo,’ when I ask her old she’ll be on Saturday.

Pictures by Whitney Elizabeth. 8/3/09.


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