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Molly and I had a particularly difficult afternoon one day this week. She was testing every limit, I had multiple deadlines I was trying to meet, and we were both tired. We ventured out of the house for a change of scenery and I’m not sure that was the best idea. I pretty much wanted to leave her in a parking lot by the time we were done with our errands. {I didn’t leave her, obviously!} By the time we got home and fought some more about dinner, a bath, how many books at bedtime, etc. we snuggle in her bed for prayers.

After we said our normal prayers, I suggested we say extra prayers: for my patience and her listening. She readily agreed.

Without prompting, she looked at the ceiling and said, “God, help me listen to my Mommy.”

Then she looked at me expectantly and said, “Now it’s your turn to ask.”

I died. I mean, how sweet is that? So I immediately asked God for patience with Molly and to remember that she is growing and learning. She won’t do that without testing her limits and I *know* that. I just sometimes need a little help accepting it.

And I’m glad I prayed for patience because then she got out of the bed three times and needed to be tucked back in. But I did it gladly, with a smile.


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