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We celebrated Molly’s birthday in typical Heidi fashion, with a week of festivities. On her birthday, Jim and Molly made chocolate chip pancakes to start the day.

Molly had camp at her preschool, so Jim and I took cookies at the end of the day. Molly was so proud to pass out the cookies and have her buddies sign “Happy Birthday” to her.

After school, we went to Loco Lime where Molly had chips and queso, then we came home so she could open her gifts from us. I put the wrapped gifts on the ottoman before we went to pick her up, and when she walked in and saw them, she was thrilled that someone had left presents for her. I’m pretty sure she said that the Easter Bunny had been here, but I can’t remember now! She wasn’t thrilled that we wanted to take a picture of her before she could open her gifts.

Later that afternoon, we had some playdate friends over to play in the baby pools and have snack and cupcakes with us. It was just the right number of kids, I think, and Molly really seemed to enjoy herself.

Then we continued the celebrating with a pool party for Molly and Addison on Saturday – pictures to come soon on the SBN blog!


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