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This afternoon, I was nursing Molly, resting my head on the back of the couch, holding her close.  The tv wasn’t on, I had gotten off the phone to have some quiet time with my baby, and we were content.  She has become increasingly more interested in what’s going around on her and will often stop eating in order to look around, giggle, pull my hair, or (if the tv is on) crane her neck to see what the breaking news is on HLN (or to check out Candice Olson’s newest renovation).  So when she paused momentarily mid-gulp today, I didn’t think anything about it.  Then I heard a wretched noise and felt something wet on my arm and down the front of me.  Molly grinned at me and continued feeding.

It was then that I realized my daughter had thrown-up on me.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I puke while I’m eating, that’s usually a sign that I’m finished.


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Rise and shine

I’m pretty sure my favorite time of the day with Molly is right after she wakes up.  (It’s hard to identify an exact favorite time of the day, you see, since they’re all amazing.)  Whether she’s waking up from a full night’s slumber or a power nap, Peaches greets the world happy and content.  She babbles to herself in her crib, and I stop and listen to her sounds.  When we go in and peek over her crib, she is thrilled to see us and lets out a giggle.  And when we pick her up, she’s warm and cuddly and wraps her little baby arms around our shoulders.  Sigh. My heart swells with joy and pride and peace every time.

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Or:  How to get everyone in the restaurant to stare at you.

Step One: Take a tired, hungry baby to a busy restaurant.

Step Two: Forget the pacifier.  And the baby’s cereal.

Step Three: Put her in a high chair, where she will slide down since she can’t quite sit up for 30 minutes at a time.

I know what you’re thinking:  I am a complete shoo-in for Mother of the Year.  (I know, that’s what I was thinking, too.)

Most Sundays, we enjoy  a family dinner at Hawthorne’s, our neighborhood pizza joint.  We’ve been doing this since before Molly was born, and now we just take her along.  But, we abandoned the infant carrier transitioned to the convertible car seat on Friday and now we must rely on high chairs in public places.  So begins the rest of our life.  No more letting the sweet baby sleep in her infant carrier while Mom and Dad eat their pizza and garlic knots.  To make matters worse, we were surrounded by children sitting happily in their high chairs.  Molly sat in the high chair long enough for Jim and me to get our beers.  By the time our wings came, she was screeching and bucking in the chair.  Have you ever tired to eat a chicken wing while holding a six month old baby?  It’s not easy.  I dropped a wing on the floor.  Then, Jim dropped a piece of pizza on the floor.  I would have taken pictures if I could have stopped laughing.  You would have thought that we were eating with a toddler if you could have seen the floor under our table.  At least we didn’t drop the baby on the floor.

It was the quickest dinner of our lives.

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A perfect afternoon

Don’t you love when an ordinary moment becomes a wonderful memory?

The other afternoon, we had a rare chance to just sit and be for a while.  Jim wasn’t working, I wasn’t cleaning the house, Molly wasn’t eating or napping.  We watched Molly play and helped her sit up.  We made her laugh and she made us laugh.  And then we went back to our regularly scheduled programming – work, preparing dinner, taking a nap.  I’m so glad I was able to capture some of this afternoon in pictures, as a reminder that we should pause our busy lives more often.

Sweet, happy girl

(And yes, it IS the afternoon and yes, Molly still has on her pajamas.  That’s the dress code around here, in case you haven’t picked up on that yet.  I do dress her when we go out in public.  Usually.)

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When Jim and I got married, we received all the fun small kitchen appliances that we registered for:  a blender, coffee maker, food processor, toaster, waffle maker, and the mother of all small kitchen appliances, the Kitchenaid stand mixer.  While we’ve had fun (is that the right word here?!) using some of them a lot (the coffee maker and toaster) and some of them occasionally (the waffle maker and stand mixer), I haven’t used my food processor all that often.  Until I decided to make Molly’s baby food.  Well, apparently, my cute mini food processor doesn’t like to work all that hard, because after the first time I used it to puree some green beans and carrots, it started to smell like it would burst into flames at the press of the pulse button.

So, Molly’s generous Nana purchased the Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker for me from Williams-Sonoma.  I couldn’t wait to to get it out of the box and cook something!  (Wait, did I really just write that?!)  So on Valentine’s Day, I made Molly some sweet potatoes and today I made her cauliflower.  It purees so much smoother than my old food processor and doesn’t smell like a fire hazard, either!

And, with a just a little rearranging of the kitchen cabinets, we’ve even found the perfect place to store it when I’m not whipping up a gourmet meal for Peaches.

"Well, it's better than those green peas she's been giving me."

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We had a few minutes before our friends were coming over for a playdate, so I thought I could scoot up to the Post Office to mail a box that has been sitting in my dining room Molly’s personal storage for a week.  The Post Office is literally two minutes away, and I always fool myself by thinking it will be a quick trip.  So, I’m at the Post Office, and I finally manage to get Molly and the box as big as Molly out of the car and into the building.  I wait in line for 13 minutes and when I fish my credit card out of my back pocket (because I wasn’t carrying in one more thing!), the guy tells me that he needs to see my ID.  Seriously?  I go in there at least once a week, and the woman who usually helps me and always tells me what a sweet baby I have won’t even look in our direction.  There are 20 people in line behind me and we’ve got company coming in three minutes.  So I ask him in my nicest voice, “You mean I need to go out to my car to get my license?”  All the while looking at Molly in my arms and the big box on the counter.  Then, Peaches spits up.  All down the front of her shirt and part of mine.  And she laughs her baby laugh.

I mean, if I stole a credit card, I sure wouldn’t be at the Post Office.

We had a great visit with Devin and his mommy, Mandy.  I went to graduate school with Mandy and was so excited to find out that we were having our babies so close together!  Molly and Devin had a great time rolling around on the floor while Mandy and I caught up about our holidays (yes, it’s been that long since we’ve talked), nursing, diapers, and growth charts!

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This past weekend was a fun one for our family…we finally got a real snowfall and celebrated Peaches’ first Valentine’s Day.  Friday night, Jim and I went out to dinner and watched at least two inches of snow fall while we were eating.  When we woke Saturday morning, the snow had stopped and it was a beautiful winter day.  So we did what any responsible fun parents would do and delayed Molly’s nap time to play in the snow.

Sunday was Valentine’s Day, and I can’t think of a better way to spend it than with my sweet hubby and baby.  In our pajamas.  (Yes, Molly wore her pajamas all day again.  They were Valentine’s pj’s, so we thought that was appropriate!).  On the couch.  Then, Jim took us girls out for our traditional Sunday night date to Hawthorne’s.

"Oh, you guys shouldn't have..."

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