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It’s been busy around here, getting back into a routine after several weeks of nothing-ness over the holidays. Molly started back to school, then got sick. We’re currently potty training {which deserves it’s own post…}. My school semester started back and Sweet Birdie’s Nest is rockin’. And I celebrated a birthday!

I enjoyed a two-week celebration, including a girls’ dinner at Cantina; a much needed mani/pedi with Jessica; lunch; dinner with Jim, Molly and my mom; drinks with Jim, Meredith & John;  a weekend in Asheville; and a family dinner to celebrate mine and Jackson’s birthday. {And the fun’s not over – I’m looking forward to another dinner out on Saturday to celebrate mine, Caroline’s and James’ bdays this weekend and a get-together with Lauren and Sarah on Friday!} I’m definitely feeling the love this month!!

Jim and I had a blast in Asheville. I was very hesitant to leave Molly for some reason, but very much enjoyed the weekend away with my husband! We left Charlotte at lunchtime on Friday, checked into the The Blake House Inn, grabbed a snack, then headed back to the inn for a massage. After the massage, we headed into downtown Asheville for a yummy dinner and then had hot chocolate at a very hip chocolate lounge. It was SO cold, but that’s exactly what a I wanted! We had a leisurely Saturday, wandering around downtown Asheville. We did a little shopping and a lot of eating. And we got to talk to each other without constant interruptions or picking up of random objects off the floor. I was ready to head home on Sunday, though, to see my Peach!

A HUGE thank you to my mom and dad for keeping Molly so we could get away for the weekend!

I’m hosting a Junior League meeting at my house tomorrow night {watch Sweet Birdie’s Nest for details and pictures from the event} and I’ve been working on some projects around the house that I hope to share soon. And hopefully I’ll have a good report to share about Molly’s potty training!



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Molly has really been enjoying our playdates recently; it’s so fun to see her interacting with other kids. Even though there isn’t much playing happening yet, you can definitely tell there is recognition among friends. Lately, Peaches has had fun playing kitchen and dolls {and in the toilet!} with Addison; coloring and farm with Graham; and tea party {dinner party?} with Rae.

Over the Christmas break, we had Graham over for a few hours one morning and I was able to get these adorable pictures while they were playing.

Playdates have been a little touch & go recently as Molly has developed a bad habit: pushing. It’s mortifying for me and certainly doesn’t make her friends *want* to play with her. We’ve been working really hard on not pushing and when 2012 rolled around, we made it her New Year’s Resolution. No pushing in 2012! We talk about no pushing about a zillion times a day and I make a really big deal when she plays well without pushing. So far, so good. We’re five days into the year and so far, no pushing! That’s a stellar track record, as far as New Year’s resolutions go, isn’t it?

So, you can imagine my horror yesterday morning, when we were talking about no pushing and she said, “No pushing. What about biting?”

I almost fell through the floor. After an emphatic “No! No biting!” I wondered if I should tell her that I’d rather her push than bite? I am keeping with the no violent behaviors for now, but if the biting starts, you can bet I’ll pray that she goes back to pushing!


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Things are always so interesting around here, and Molly keeps us laughing with her sayings and responses. Her teachers say she’s a real jokester at school, too.

Some of my favorite Molly-isms of late:

The other day, Jim asked Molly for a hug.

She thought for a moment and replied, “Fist bump or high five.”


There’s a random picture of Molly on the dining room table {I had moved it for Christmas decorations and now need a new place to put it.} At dinner tonight, Molly said, “Is that Molly?”

Jim replied, “Yes, that’s you.”

Molly exclaimed, “She’s SO pretty.”


Molly loved Christmas music this season. We sang a LOT of fun songs, including “Jingle Bells,” over and over again. Then {this seems unrelated, but keep reading…}, Nana and Pro gave Molly a Belle doll for Christmas.Molly oohed and ahhed over the pretty princess and we told her the doll’s name was Belle. A while later, we heard Molly talking to her doll.

“What did Molly just call her doll?”

“I think she’s calling her Jingle,” my mom said.


That girl cracks me up. I love her.

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