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I know, sounds insane, right? But it was a really fun day, I promise!

Last weekend (or the weekend before?), we made a day trip to Asheville to visit the Biltmore House. Jim’s parents had received vouchers for free tickets and weren’t going to use them, so they sent them to us. I initially thought just Jim and I would go for an overnight visit (he’s never been!) but we ended up taking Molly with us for the day and had a blast. Alas, we never made it IN the actual Biltmore House, but there was so much to do outside the house. I will just have to take Jim back sometime soon. I don’t need too many excuses to visit Asheville, just the time.

My mom went with us too and was a huge lifesaver, especially in the car! She kept Molly *very* entertained.

When we arrived, we headed straight to Antler Hill to visit the farm, barn, and have lunch in Antler Hill Village. Molly was a little skeptical of the animals at first, but she warmed up to the goats and chickens quickly. She still wasn’t sure about the huge horses when we left.

At the barn, there were some games and toys from the early 1900s as well as some old farm equipment. Molly enjoyed climbing on the horse-drawn wagon and tractor. We also watched a blacksmith demonstration that was really cool.

The next stop was lunch at Cedric’s Tavern and ice cream cones at the creamery. Even the kid size cones were huge and Molly entertained a few customers by swinging hers around a few times, never once dropping it.There were some close calls, though!

Once we finished our ice cream, we got in the car and headed over the main house and gardens. We did a lot of walking but Molly wanted nothing to do with her stroller. She stumbled and tripped at one point running downhill on an asphalt path and ended up with pretty bad road burn. Two weeks later, it’s still a little raw. While Molly didn’t do much complaining about the walking, not everyone else was as enthusiastic about all of the walking. I’m pretty sure we took a three mile hike to see a bass pond. We took one look, turned around and headed uphill towards the car. As soon as we got near the actual house, the sky opened up. Luckily, the path to the car had a canopy of trees and we managed to stay fairly dry.

Thanks, Chris and Doug for the vouchers. We enjoyed our day!


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Answered Prayers

This week has been an amazing week for so many people I know. Sometimes I wonder about the power of prayer; more specifically, how my prayers can affect someone’s health or the outcome of an event. A few years ago, I changed how I pray and now, instead of simply asking for someone’s cancer to disappear or another person to get a certain job, I try to pray for the people in my life to get what they need and to stay strong in the face of adversity or to find peace during a rough patch.

I’m sure it depends on who you ask, but I do know that any prayers are better than none.

Anyway, I’ve been praying hard recently. A former student of mine is being treated at St. Jude’s for Leukemia. Also, a friend’s one-year old daughter was having major surgery to correct a diagnosis of craniosynostosis.

That’s big stuff. Add to the mix a friend who had a baby and another friend who’s trying to have a baby and all our friends and family and I felt like I was asking God for a lot. But He delivered.

John’s scans came back and there is no Leukemia in his body.

Kim’s daughter had a successful surgery and Mallory is recovering well.

Jessica delivered a perfect baby girl on Wednesday. My niece and nephews are healthy. Molly is happy and healthy, too.

Sometimes, all the goodness in this life overwhelms me and I can’t even begin to feel grateful enough.

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Last day!

Today was Molly’s last day of preschool for the year. It’s so funny to think about how much changes over the course of a school year. Molly had a lot of fun at school this year; Ms. Becky and Ms. Michelle were really fun and messy teachers, which makes for the best learning environment. I love to hear Molly singing a song that she learned at school, or call out her colors in Spanish instead of English. I feel confident in our choice for her preschool, and that’s always a good feeling!

Here’s Peaches on her first day of school:

And here’s the picture I snapped this morning:

Molly is enrolled in several camps over the summer, most of them at her preschool, so she’ll stay busy but I’m also looking forward to some lazy days at the pool and not having to rush out the door at a certain time. I know Jim is glad to have a bit of a break from packing lunches, too!

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Molly, the artiste

Jim and Molly spent some time outside with the sidewalk chalk tonight. Molly is getting more and more independent, drawing her own pictures or adding to pictures that we start. For example, she likes for me to start a butterfly or another type of animal and then she wants to add the face. Tonight, she made Jim draw a zebra so she could add the stripes.

Notice the stripes…they’re on the front of the zebra.

Jim also managed to get this video of Molly finishing her rainbow. She cracks me up; Molly requested that side ponytail this afternoon and refused to let me take it out when it was time to put on her helmet for a bike ride, but then she kept complaining that her hair hurt.

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Molly made my Mother’s Day super special by telling me “Happy Mudder’s Day!!” every time she saw me. {In fact, she’s still saying it and it’s Wednesday…who am I to correct her?} Molly slept until 8:30, so we missed church and started our day at Eddie’s, our favorite breakfast spot. Then, we spent two hours at the Verizon store , which was loads of fun with a toddler. She would take all the accessories off the hooks, line them up and then put everything back in the wrong spot. I am sure they were excited to see us go! After a stop at the park, we had lunch at home and then Molly and I took naps. We ended the day with Mexican food at one of my favorite places and Jim and I watched The Descendants to end the day.

Molly made me a card on Friday night and couldn’t wait until Sunday to give it to me.

And at school, they asked the kids questions about their moms and sent home these questionnaires. Molly made me look like a rock star mom! Thanks, babe.

One of the other moms at school cracked up when she saw that I like to cook pancakes best of all. She asked Molly, “What kind of pancakes does your mom make?” Molly said, “Chocolate ones!” Luckily, Jim hasn’t told Molly that he’s the one who makes the pancakes around here. The rest of the answers are pretty accurate, though!

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Molly has become fascinated with watching me put on make-up {when I actually manage to get it on, that is} and always wants me to “put some color on [her] too.” I indulge her with a bit of lip balm and a squirt of lotion that she proceeds to spread all.over.her.body.

One day last week, I went to open Molly’s door after quiet time. She had been unusually quiet and I was  bit concerned, but was hoping she had actually fallen asleep.

No such luck.

She had the diaper bucket on her bed, which doesn’t hold diapers anymore but where we still keep the wipes and some creams, including her Eczema cream and an anti-fungal from a particularly bad diaper rash she had forever ago. The three tubes were all open and there was a nice sheen to her face. And her arms and legs. And her hair was, um, interesting looking.

“It’s MY make-up, Mama!” she proudly exclaimed.

Needless to say, that bucket {which we previously kept at the back of her dresser and which she either climbed into the shopping cart or onto her play kitchen to reach} is now on top of the bookshelf.

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Luckily the swelling from the second fall didn’t last too long and Molly was able to get her stitches out today as scheduled. She was beyond brave. Dr. Holladay and I were both prepared for a little resistance from MJ as he tugged on the stitches, but she sat calmly in my lap and let him get them all out, even the first one that was *so* tight he had to work on it for a few minutes. Yikes! I remember getting stitches out of my knee many, many years ago, and  although it doesn’t hurt, there’s this unmistakable tugging feeling that is just so weird.

Anyway, they’re out and all looks well. I have a funny story about quiet time yesterday, so I’ll write again soon. I’m off to grade exams that I’ve been putting off all week.

Many thanks to those of you who texted, commented, called or emailed with concerns and well wishes for Molly. Luckily this was just a little bump in our otherwise ordinary week, but we appreciate everyone’s love all the same!

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