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Molly is super excited about Easter this year. We have several Easter books, and I’ve tried to read the Easter story to her from her Bible, but it’s a tough one to wrap one’s head around. I’m not stressing too much on the meaning of Easter yet – just hoping she’ll realize that it’s a holiday and we’ll be with family!

She wore her smocked chocolate bunny dress to school today. I cringed a bit when she picked it out (it’s white, after all!) but then figured why have the clothes in the closet if she can’t wear them? She’s only going to be this size for a little while!

Of course she lost one of the bunny’s cotton tails at school, but that’s ok. At least it was the middle one, so it kind of looks balanced.

Just for fun, this is Molly a year ago tomorrow at Graham’s Easter party:

Holy cow, she is such a KID now. There was still some baby in her this time last year, wasn’t there?


This afternoon before nap, Molly and I were reading the book Meredith gave Molly for her birthday – I Like Fruit. It’s one of Molly’s favorite, because well, she loves fruit. And she feels like *she* is reading it because she recognizes all the fruits and tells us what they are. Every once in a while, she’ll forget what one of the fruits are, like the cantaloupe or the plums. Today, she pointed to a picture in the book and said, “What’s that, Mama?”

I asked her, “What do I call you?”

She thought for a minute and said, “I love you?”


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