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On Monday, Molly and I met our friends Mandy and Devin at the park to catch up.  We haven’t seen each other in months because of work, distance, and the holidays so we were happy to get out of the house Monday afternoon to enjoy a spring-like day.  However, every other mom in Charlotte and the surrounding towns had the same idea because it was packed.  So we ditched the park and trespassed in a nearby neighborhood playground.  Molly spent a good deal of the time at the playground having a temper-tantrum because I wouldn’t let her out of the gate, but she recovered and was able to enjoy the swings and watch the doggies with her bud Devin.  


Tuesday, we visited our favorite doctor for Molly’s 18 month well-visit.  She’s growing like a weed and is right on track with all of her developmental milestones.  She had fun identifying her body parts for Dr. H and chasing a tennis ball around the office.  We even found out MJ has a double ear infection!  It’s her first one – that we know of! – and other than a little trouble at naptime, we never even knew she wasn’t feeling well.  So now she’s on her first antibiotics and hopefully is already feeling much better!

This spring-like weather is certainly making the afternoons a lot easier.  I love that we can spend some time outside after nap.  Yesterday, we saw Jessica and Graham and Sue and Cam at the park and ran into two other moms out for walks on our way back.  There’s just something about sunshine that puts everyone in a great mood!


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The lack of blog posts isn’t a reflection of a lack of goings-on at our house.  Spring semester has officially started after three snow days the first week of class and I’m making every effort to stay organized and well-planned this semester!  As a student, I was always grateful for a new semester, sure that each semester was the semester that I’d get my act together.  Sadly, I still make the same resolution as a teacher.  {Don’t get me wrong – I am plenty organized and well-prepared for my classes – I just always think I can be more organized and planned!}


We’re awfully busy with Sweet Birdie’s Nest, too.  Check out what we’ve been up so far in 2011!


Molly was sick for about a week and a half, but after eight days of unexplained fever and no other symptoms, she’s bounced back to her usual self.  Poor thing had to have a catheter to rule out a kidney infection and I know that was not pleasant for her.  Luckily, no sign of a kidney infection and the fever has subsided.

Molly was super sweet this afternoon – Jim played golf and Molly and I had a great time playing with her baby dolls and cuddling on the couch.  I hung out in my pajamas most of the day and it was so nice to not run a million errands.


Jim and I had a fun, last-minute afternoon date yesterday – we went to lunch and to see Black Swan.  I have to remember that “date night” doesn’t have to be on a Saturday night; we have the most fun at random time and I enjoyed our “stolen” afternoon.


Finally, I’m thinking about running the Chicago marathon again in October.  I ran it in 2008 as a charity runner and made some wonderful friends while training.  Meredith wants to run a full marathon (we trained for the Kiawah half together) and she’s not having to twist my arm too hard to convince me to run another full.  It’s so much work and a huge time commitment, but the feeling of accomplishment afterwards is definitely worth it!

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Today is my 30th birthday.

So far, it’s not so bad.  I didn’t have any dread or anxiety leading up to this birthday.  30 certainly isn’t old.  But it isn’t young, either.  I’m at a wonderful place in my life.  I have an adoring, caring husband; a beautiful, healthy daughter; a great number of loyal, fun friends; and steadfast, supportive parents and sisters.  Compared to my 20s, which were fraught with anxiety – graduating from college, going to graduate school, finding my first job, living alone for the first time, meeting my husband, getting married, buying a house, and having a baby – I’m expecting my 30s to be brilliantly calm.  Easy, even.

Of course, there are things I had hoped to accomplish by this point in my life and there are things that I’ve done that I’d never dreamed I would have.  I thought I would have a *really* important job.  Instead, I’m a mother and a wife and part-time college instructor.  I can’t think of three more important jobs, can you?  I’ve always wanted to be tall and skinny, but instead I’ve run a marathon, two half-marathons, carried a baby 42 weeks, labored for 15 hours and then had a c-section.  I always thought my life would be abuzz with friends and family and social events.  And you know what?  It is and I love it.  I know exactly where  – and who – I am.

I don’t love that I have to work out harder, go to bed earlier, and use eye cream on a regular basis.  But hey, those are easy trade-offs for the comfort of knowing I’m loved and in a good place.  So today, {which is a snow day = no class!}, I’m going to treat myself to a Starbucks latte, hang out with my baby girl {er, toddler girl}, go to a playdate, and have dinner with my family.  Oh, and don’t forget a glass of red wine in there somewhere.

I think I’m going to like my 30s.

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Ahh, the weekend…how quickly it comes and goes!  Lucky for me, this week I get a *little* extension of the weekend thanks to the Columbus Day holiday; my college students are on fall break, which means I get two whole free days!  Oh, what’s that…?  Laughter?  Yes, I guess I shouldn’t have said “free.”  But two days of not actually going to work still sounds good!  I have quite the to-do list of things to accomplish on my days off and unfortunately, day 1 is practically behind me and other than catching up with two dear friends, I’ve only accomplished one thing actually on my list!

Last night as we were going to bed, Jim looks at me and said, “I had a really good weekend.”  I have to agree!  We didn’t do anything terribly exciting and actually got to enjoy some down time.  I think the naps we all took on Saturday would have made for a good weekend for Jim regardless of whatever else happened!

Friday, we kicked off the weekend with an afternoon trip to the neighborhood park.  Molly and I met some moms and their little ones there for a playdate before the weekend officially began.

On Saturday, we had a morning of good ol’ family fun and took a trip to Mooresville to visit the pumpkin patch at Carrigan Farms.  We went on a hayride, saw some goats, chickens, pigs, and cows, and even had apple cider!

And on Sunday, we went to Ellie’s 2nd birthday party!  Molly had a lot of fun playing with Ellie’s play kitchen and checking out all of the birthday gifts.  We hope you had a great weekend, too!


Happy birthday to Molly’s Grandpa today!!  We hope you’ve had a special day.

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Molly had a wonderful birthday weekend!  In addition family and friends that live in town, Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Geoff, Aunt Alisha and Uncle John, and my college roommate Julia and her family drove to Charlotte to celebrate with us!  I got to meet Julia’s twin girls for the first time, which was so fun.  Thanks, everyone, for making the trip.  It means a lot to us!


Do you want to see the details from Molly’s super-fun first birthday party?  I know you do!  Visit Sweet Birdie’s Nest to check it out!


Molly had her one year check up yesterday morning.  She weighs in at 21 lbs 12 oz and is 29 3/4 in tall!  Everything looks great and we are so grateful for a healthy and happy baby girl!

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Molly showed us last Friday – a week ago – that she was capable of crawling.  Yet she has only crawled a handful of times since then.  One of those times was right off the edge of the bed.  And another time was into a door frame.  And yet another time was to pull on the cord of my {plugged in} hair straightener.

I think she realizes that it’s not very safe to crawl around here.

I think I liked it better when she wasn’t crawling at all.  Looks like we’ll be baby-proofing the house this weekend.  Or at least using a little bit of common sense, such as unplugging hot appliances when we’re not using them.


Last week was our wedding anniversary.  To celebrate, we spent our first night away from Molly and partied like rock stars.  Old, tired rock stars, maybe, but still.  We hung out at the pool at the Ritz downtown and had an afternoon cocktail.  I forgot how relaxing the pool can be without a squirmy, 25 pound toddler.  Then, we had dinner at a new {to us} place downtown and ended the night with a drink at one of our favorite spots from our dating days.  I took over an hour to get ready for dinner and even remembered to put mascara on both eyes!  See what I mean about being a rock star?


I have a few weeks off before the fall semester starts, so to celebrate, we’ve seen all our friends this week!  Molly’s social calendar is taking full advantage of our free time; it’s been fun to squeeze in as much friend time as possible.  We have a beach trip coming up soon AND to make sure this is one summer I’ll never forget, I scheduled to have my wisdom teeth extracted next week.  {Chocolate ice cream is my favorite, thanks for asking.}

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Time flies

Last weekend, we celebrated Casey’s first birthday.  Her parents threw a fabulous party with lots of fun family and friends.  We had fun remembering last summer when Casey and Molly were born, and can’t believe a year has gone by already.  We took a time out from playing to get a picture of Casey and her mom, Jill, Molly and me, and Rae and her mom, Andrea.

Molly and me, Rae (21 months) and Andrea, Casey and Jill

This was what we looked like in September, at Rae’s first birthday party:

Really?  Who told those babies they could grow up?!

{Creating posts like this makes me feel really old.}

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