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Or is it a learned behavior?

Most mornings, I make coffee at home and often stop in at one of the many nearby coffee shops. There just seems to be one every where we go and I can’t resist.

Molly is very aware of “Mommy’s coffee” and this morning, as I was buckling her in the car to go to Staples and then drop her off at camp, she asked if we were going to get mommy a coffee.  Molly walks around the neighborhood Starbucks like she owns the place, and some of the baristas like see what Molly is wearing on any given day {especially since it ranges from smocked dresses to pajamas with rain boots and sparkly sunglasses}.

This afternoon, Molly was taking her baby on a walk in the doll pram. I asked Molly where they were going. Can you guess what she said?

“Sta-bucks,” with a huge grin.


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We had a fun July 4th celebration at our house on the 4th. Bev, Ben, Jackson, Benjamin and Addison came, along with my mom and dad. Tad, Caroline and Wyn and Jonathan, Jessica and Graham joined us too. I was excited to host a party in our almost-complete backyard, but the weather had other plans. We still had a great time and were able to catch the fireworks show. I’m so glad that we have fun friends and family to celebrate with!

the deck!

Molly and me

Check out my Sweet Birdie’s Nest post for more fun pictures, including the potentially scary tree incident and an attempt to capture four toddlers.

Last weekend, Jim’s parents came to town Friday afternoon. They hadn’t seen Molly in a few months and were amazed by how much she has grown and changed. They kept her Friday night while Jim and I went for a drink at The Wine Shop and dinner at Barrington’s. It was a lovely evening and I enjoyed the time with Jim. We weren’t too crazy, though, because I had to meet Meredith at 7:15 for a 10 mile run! We had lunch and did some shopping before Molly’s naptime and then Grandma and Grandpa ran some errands while Jim, Molly and I all took naps. For dinner, we visited The Crepe Cellar. Jim and I hadn’t been there in a while; I love that place. Sunday, we went to breakfast at our usual spot {Eddie’s} and then said good-bye to Jim’s parents. They’ll be back next month for Molly’s birthday!

Sunday morning, we paid a visit to my grandparents to wish Granddaddy a happy birthday! Then, after Molly’s nap on Sunday, we headed up to the pool for a few hours and had dinner. I love eating dinner at the pool – it’s so easy. Then we just come home, give Molly a quick bath and then she’s down for the night. This is the last week of class for me, so I’m busy wrapping up the summer session and filling SBN orders! We’ve had a great month so far.

{I had grand plans when Jim and I got married that we would take a picture of the two of us each year on our anniversary. That hasn’t happened since year 2. Oops.}

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Today is mine and Jim’s anniversary. Five years. Half a decade. A house and a baby and a new car and new jobs.  Countless parties and get-togethers and nights out and dinners cooked. New friends. Fun trips and not-so-fun trips. A new kitchen floor, a new couch, a new tv, a new dining room table. Multiple coats of paint and rearranging of picture frames.

It’s so crazy and awesome – awesomely crazy? – to think of the last five years of my life and think about the events and non-events, the purchases and the experiences, and know that Jim has been part of all of that. I know that five years isn’t that long compared to our parents and grandparents who have loved each other many more years that we have, but Jim and I both know that every day gets us one day closer to celebrating a golden anniversary {and hopefully more!}. And I can’t imagine spending those days with anyone else.

If you know me, you know I like to celebrate anything for an extended amount of time. So, last weekend we went to the Zac Brown Band concert {which was SO fun!} to kick off the anniversary week and tonight we are going to one of our favorite restaurants, Barrington’s, for dinner. We keep to the traditional anniversary gifts and the fifth year is wood. As you know, Jim has built a new deck and I love it!

Yesterday, I had to exchange a pair of earrings at the kate spade store and the sales girl immediately remembered who I was – I had been in the store last Friday, playing with a bag I had been looking at for what felt like months. It was finally on sale, and then the sale items were on sale, but I couldn’t pull the trigger. However, Jim knew I wanted that bag, so he called and put it on hold and stopped on his way home from work to get it for me {while I was at the pool with Molly, by they way – how hard is my life??}. Megan, the sales girl, noticed my bag yesterday and Molly {Jim and I had both managed to work her into our conversations. Aren’t the most adoring parents?} and remembered the whole situation. She told me how sweet it was of my husband to go through the effort to get that bag for me and that he seemed genuinely happy for me to have it. {I didn’t tell her that he was probably genuinely happy that I didn’t pay full price for it, but that’s another story!}

The point is, I was glad to have to the opportunity to tell Megan that my husband was amazing and that he makes me very happy. That he works hard and is funny and is a great dad to our daughter, and it made me realize that I don’t tell HIM enough that he works hard, is funny, is a great day and makes me happy. So I’m telling you now, Jim, and the whole world – I love you.

And I agree with something else Megan said: There aren’t many guys like you out there, so I consider myself lucky that I found you when I did.

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Dearest Molly,

My sweet, sweet baby girl. Even though you’re far from being a baby anymore, I know I’ll always think of you as my baby girl. I didn’t even realize that I had missed your 23-month-day. My watch has the date on it, but I have to reset it on the 1st of every month, so yesterday it said the 5th. At My Gym this morning, Jessica asked me the date and I looked at my running watch and realized it was the 7th. Oops! At least I can say that we were having a lot of fun yesterday and we’ll pretend that’s why I didn’t get your letter written on time!

I’ve enjoyed being home with you more this summer, but I’m exhausted from trying to keep up with you. We’ve spent a lot of time at the pool, where you love jumping in and “swimming” around. Your favorite activity right now is to take your clothes out of your drawers and scatter them around the house. I find pieces of your clothing throughout the day and I’m never sure if it’s from your dresser or your dirty clothes, so I’m sure I end up washing a lot of already-clean clothes. You love to start the washing machine, even if there’s nothing in there and you know how to turn on your sound machine and select the waves. Swinging has got to be your favorite thing to do outside, but you also love to ride in the wagon and even have fun in the stroller. You like to go running with Mommy and you also try to do squats, push ups and sit ups with me, which I think is equally hilarious and awesome.

You have the strangest eating habits and preferences. For instance, I am sitting beside your neglected lunch plate that has pretzels and a spot where you literally licked some dip off the plate and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, deconstructed with the pb and j licked clean. You would have eaten an entire box of fruit snacks this morning if I had let you. For breakfast, you had a cereal bar and an orange, and then acted like you hadn’t eaten in days when we met Jessica and Graham at Starbucks before My Gym, so I bought you a pumpkin loaf to share with Graham. You were as happy as I would have been if someone had given me a million dollars. You still love yogurt and applesauce, and we can occasionally get you to eat meat. You ate a chicken sandwich for Renee the other day, but turn your nose up at them when I fix them for you. I guess that’s just one of many mother-daughter situations we’ll encounter. As long as I don’t suggest it or introduce it to you, you’ll love it.

You talk a mile a minute about anything and everything. I am constantly amazed at how sponge-like you are. I mean, I *know* children learn from observation and exposure, but I can say something one time and then a few days or even weeks later, you’ll randomly start talking about it. One day, I was holding Baby Tate while she was sleeping, so I was bouncing her and walking around with her; then a few days later, I realized that you were holding your baby the same way I had been holding Tate. You love to sing Rock-a-Bye Baby and You Are My Sunshine to your babies, and you also love to sing Ring Around the Rosies, which I know you sing at school all the time!

Oh, my, Peaches. I love you so much! I cannot believe you are going to be two next month. Two years ago, I was anxiously waiting for you to arrive, sure that you were going to be early – I had so many signs pointing to an early arrival, but you had to have your hand held to enter this world. It’s so funny to think about that and how you are now; you are determined and persistent and stubborn and you like to stay close to me.

I can’t wait to see what you do next!

All my love,


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On Friday, Jim was putting the final touches on the deck railing, so Molly and I went to check it out when we got home from the pool. Molly immediately set to work, wanting to help out her dad. I know say it all the time, but life with Molly really does just keep getting better and better. She loves to have a purpose and is intent on being helpful.

And I can’t forget about our supervisor…

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