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This is Dad’s second guest post – Things have been a little hectic since MJ turned 2.   Unfortunately the SweetPeaches blog has been the reluctant victim. If you follow the SweetBirdiesNest blog, you can tell that there is a lot going on in the shop with a lot of cool new items being added for customers every day which keeps Heidi busy along with her “regular” obligations like training for a marathon.   We’ve gotten a few requests for a new blog post, so I figured I would try another post to the blog.

Peaches has developed quite the weekly schedule with school, play dates with friends, birthday parties and just being 2.   She’s become quite the independent sassafras – which is great, but time-consuming.   It is a lot of fun to watch her independence, unless you need to be somewhere soon.  She loves to do things on her own like putting on her shoes, getting her milk cup from the fridge, helping “clean up.”   She’s also started “reading” her own bedtime books to us, which is a delight (even if it takes 20 extra minutes and the story is a little different than the printed words).

So what else has our Sweet Peach been up to the last 2 months?

2 year doctor visit (stats as promised)
She’s growing up! She dazzled Doctor H with her vocabulary and her observation skills.
Weight 28 lbs, 6 oz
Length 36 1/4 inches

Fresh drinks for Mommy and Meredith

Fresh drinks for Mommy
Heidi is training for a marathon with her friend Meredith;  on Saturday mornings when they ran the long training runs, Molly and I met up with them to replenish the water/Gatorade supply.  Molly would get really excited  every Friday night to “take Mommy fresh drinks tomorrow.”   Along the way, she would point out every red/green traffic light as well as the numerous runners, bikers and strollers as we looked for Mommy.   After we took Mommy the “fresh drinks,” we would typically go to the local gas station to get free refills in a promotional cup.  We have 2 cups, so we got Mommy Gatorade and Molly would get an Icee.  I think that she loved going to give Mommy fresh drinks for the Icee just as much as seeing Mommy.

Peaches and Paci

Pacifier wars
The day of  Molly’s 2 year doctor visit,  we decided to try to get her to stop using the pacifier. She only uses it at night and during naps.  Doctor H told us that he would like Molly to stop using it by age 3, so we used it as motivation to stop cold turkey.  We told her that she was a big girl now and big girls don’t use Paci’s.  The first night was rough; she screamed for about an hour before she finally was too tired and fell asleep.  The next day she didn’t nap.  This cycle continued for 2 weeks until we all were exhausted and Daddy finally relented and gave it back…  Since then, we’ve gotten a lot of  ideas on how to break the habit, so maybe we’ll try one of those in the coming months.

Molly at Bald Head

Vacation to Bald Head Island
Over Labor Day, we took a family trip to Bald Head Island for some R&R. Molly had a blast riding in golf carts and playing on the beach. She looked for shells on the beach, played with her cousins and built sand castles. On the last day, she even wanted to get in the water.

Cousin Wrigley was born
Uncle Jon and Aunt Alisha had their baby on August 19.  We can’t wait to meet him when we go visit in November.  Congrats to the proud parents!

Birthday parties
Molly has quite the group of toddler friends that have celebrated birthdays lately.  We’ve attended fun parties for Uncle Ben,  Aunt Beverly, Addison, Devin, Griffin, Rae, Samantha, Violet, Jane and Sutton.  Once Molly started to understand that we were going to a party, she started requesting cake before we left the house!

Molly’s trip to the golf course
Heidi went away for a weekend to a baby shower so Daddy had a bright idea to take Peaches to the golf course to see what she would think. We bought a short putter for her and off we went. She was so excited to go in Daddy’s car to the golf course to see Pro. Once we got there, she focused in on the golf carts. We went to the putting green and she immediately wanted to pull all the flags out of the holes and replace them. She wasn’t so interested in putting any golf balls. We went inside and had a snack of Orange Crackers (Lance peanut butter crackers) with Pro for a nice morning at the golf course.


Doughnuts with Dad at preschool
The preschool has an annual “Doughnuts with Dad” event where the Dads come in to have breakfast with their kids. Since Molly and I both love doughnuts, it was a fun morning – even though it was pouring down rain.

Which hand should I use? Both!

Molly’s Easel 
Molly’s Grandparents gave her an easel for her birthday and she loves to color and use the chalkboard. We’ve used a whole pad of paper already with Molly’s art and added a new roll of paper. She hasn’t decided which hand she likes to draw with, so for now we’ll consider her ambidextrous.

Growth spurt
Recently we’ve had a brush with fall weather and the temperatures have dipped into the 60s during the day.   While we felt we were prepared for the cold snap, we quickly realized that 24 month pants were just a bit short and snug for our growing kid.   We’ve also made 3 trips to Nordstrom to pick up Toms shoes in different sizes because we couldn’t figure out how she kept stepping out of them!

Potty Training (Candy training?)
Peaches also started potty training recently.   What I did not realize is that  potty training is bribing your child to sit on the potty and attempt to go.  Molly has figured out the system and will ask to sit on the potty – but before she even is seated, she is asking for candy.  The concept has been mildly successful, but the candy-to-actually-going-potty ratio is about 20:1 right now.   I have to admit, I am scared for stage 2 – underpants.  Can’t we fast-forward to 100% potty trained?

Showing Daddy pancakes

Just one more picture for fun – we made chocolate chip pancakes for dinner tonight and Molly loved them.  Hopefully she will like the leftovers in her lunch tomorrow!

We’ll try do a better job of updating the blog in the coming weeks/months!  I better be careful or I will “earn” myself a job of full-time family blog post author!


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