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We had our second ER visit in less than a year last night after Molly ate it on the sidewalk outside our house. We went for a walk and when we got home, Molly was climbing out of her stroller like she always does. She somehow lost her footing and landed on her forehead. I went to scoop her up and couldn’t even tell where the cut was because there was so.much.blood. The head bleeds a ridiculous amount. I brought her inside where Jim was on a work call. He took one look at us and said, “I’ll have to call you back.”

Once I started wiping Molly’s face, I realized right away that we would be making a trip to the ER. Molly kept asking for a band-aid and her boo-boo bunny, so Jim got that out of the freezer for her {the funny part is that she just holds onto it and doesn’t actually put it ON the boo-boo} while I grabbed a change of clothes and MJ’s blanket and Katie {the baby doll}. Two minutes later, we were checking into the ER. It was relatively quiet for a Sunday night at bedtime.

Molly was SO brave the entire time we were at the hospital. They checked her stats in triage and put some numbing gel on her forehead. The nurse found a hot pink bandage to hold the gauze in place, which Molly was excited about. We were really hoping that the laceration could be glued together, but unfortunately, it was really gaping and not a clean slice on the bottom.

She was very concerned about her outfit. Luckily, we were able to salvage it thanks to Shout and Tide.

After about an hour long wait in the waiting room, we were called back to see the doctor. Molly had to wear a hospital gown, which kind of broke my heart. It was past her bedtime at this point and the numbing gel was working, so Molly wasn’t in any pain and she was being her seriously funny self. A child life specialist came in to prep Molly for what to expect; I can’t say enough about how wonderful the professionals at the hospital were. Annie, the child life specialist, had a doll and showed Molly how the doctor would clean the wound and showed her the thread that would be used to sew up the wound.

After the doctor stitched her up {3 stitches, 1 cm. laceration}, Annie brought Molly a popsicle and an Olivia book.

BUT, that’s not the end of the story…

We asked the doctor about sending Molly to school today, and she replied that there was no reason not to. Jim had to be at work early so Nana came over to take Molly to school. Around noon, I got a phone call from Lisa, the director, that Molly had fallen and was bleeding from the same place as last night’s wound. I told Lisa I’d be right there and I dismissed my class.

Turns out that Molly had slipped on some water during a bathroom break and fallen, right onto the same spot on her forehead. What are the odds of that?!

The stitches weren’t broken as far as we could tell, and we were able to get in to see Dr. Holladay. Jim was on his way home already, so I brought Molly home to have a cupcake while we waited on her appointment. When it was time to go to the doctor’s office, Molly looked up at me and said, “It hurts. Do you want to ride it he back with me?” I cracked up because she certainly knows how to work a situation!

I was so grateful that Dr. Holladay said the stitches were still tight {he actually said the doctor had done a wonderful job, which I was glad for because I wanted to ask for a plastic surgeon for the original stitches and didn’t}. There was a new bruise and goose egg, so the swelling made it appear that the cut was pushing open. Dr. H was confident that once the swelling went down, all would be ok and that we most definitely didn’t want to risk re-stitching the area.

Molly and I took naps and snuggled all afternoon after the emotional past 18 hours. I let her watch tv and we played with the balloon that Nana dropped off. Now, we just need to keep her upright until Friday morning when the sutures come out!


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Watch out, Renee – It seems as if Molly has her eye on your man.

Renee is our beloved babysitter. Molly adores her, and I think the feeling is reciprocal. However, I just learned today that Molly might also love Renee’s fiancée, Justin.

Renee and Justin’s engagement party is this Saturday night and SBN created some favor tags and food label tents for the party. I was punching out the favor tags today when Molly pulled up a chair and asked me what I was working on. I told her that I was making favor tags for Renee’s party.

“Renee’s birthday party???!!!”

“No, her engagement party. Renee and Justin are getting married, so they’re having a party to celebrate.”

“Oh.” Without missing a beat, “I’m going to marry Justin, too.”

While I briefly entertained the idea of marrying her off already, I told her I wasn’t quite ready for her to get married, and that maybe she should wait, oh…about 30 years!

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More Mollyisms

Molly continues to crack us up. The best part is, her teachers say the same thing  🙂

When I picked her up at school today, she was covered in pink {really need to figure out how to type that word the way she says it} glitter. I watched her through the window while she used her hands to scrape the errant pieces of glitter off the table and walked with cupped hand to the trash can. She then saw me and came right to the door, but Ms. Michelle was close behind. They talked about names today at school, and Molly told the class that my names are “Mommy” and “wifey.” At first, Michelle and Becky thought she was kind of saying “Heidi,” but Molly was quick to correct them.


Last week, we were playing at Graham’s house and Graham asked his mom for something to drink. Molly piped up and said she wanted something to drink too. When Jessica asked if Molly wanted milk or water, Molly immediately replied, “Juice box.”

Can’t blame a girl for trying, right? {For the record, she got milk!}


Two of Molly’s new phrases are “I got a question” and “I got an answer.” She’s not quite using them in context, but it’s hilarious.

“Mom, I got a question.”

“Ok, yes?”

“I got a question.”


And on and on it goes.


Kristen, one of the toddler teachers at preschool today, had on a very cute pink and green maxi dress. Molly apparently liked it too, because Kristen told me that Molly came up to Kristen on the playground today and said, “You’re cute.”


Want to see some cute pictures? I blogged a few more Easter pictures over at SBN.

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Spring break, 2012…that phrase has a different meaning for a preschooler, although I’m pretty sure Molly had a blast!

I still had to work, so Renee and my mom helped out on the days that I taught, but Molly and I were both super excited that Jim was able to take some time off last week so we could have a fun family day! I’m not sure if Jim was more motivated by the idea of an easy, fun-filled day or by the fact that Molly and I don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on well, anything. I think he was secretly worried about Molly and me surviving the week!

Tuesday, we stayed in our pj’s until late that morning, then headed to Freedom Park, which is a park my parents used to take me when I was growing up. We took a bag of bread to feed the ducks and proceeded to ignore the warnings that it was against the law to feed the waterfowl. Molly was *so* excited as we were walking to the pond. She could see the geese and ducks in the water and she yelled out, “I’m coming to FEED you!” After walking her all over the park, we went to get bbq for lunch and headed back to the house for naps. Unfortunately, Jim was the only one who got a nap that day.

Seriously, who is this kid in my pictures? If I hadn’t been AT the park with them, I would have sworn Jim took pictures of a five year old instead of our two-and-a-half year old.

I can’t remember what we did the rest of that day…the no-nap situation kind of makes me lose my marbles everyday.

But on Thursday, we went to Mandy and Devin’s to dye Easter eggs and Molly thought that was so cool. Guess what color *all* of hers were?

Yep, pink.

So on Friday, we dyed some more eggs and Jim managed to break  more of them than Molly.

Saturday night, Molly attended a private party in her crib that lasted until 11 p.m. so Easter Sunday was an awesomely fun time. She bawled pretty much the entire time in the nursery at church {but later when we asked her about church, she said it was fun. Weird.}. Then we went to Beverly’s for lunch and hung out on her beautiful porch to watch the Masters. We tried without success to get Molly to take a nap, but she didn’t. Jim and I didn’t take any pictures with our camera during the day, but all the cousins had a great time together. It’s so fun to watch them interact with each other and to see Jackson and Benjamin’s reactions to the girls.

Molly and Addison had the most adorable conversation before lunch about their {matching} dresses and their boo-boos. They had their own special table at lunch which Beverly had bravely set with flowers. Addison kept touching the flowers and Molly would shout “No ma’am!” Just watching them run and hop and roll around, sometimes laughing and sometimes arguing made us think about twins. It’s like they’re siblings when they’re together. Then we chuckled and thought of my friend Julia who actually has twins and we determined we probably had no idea!

The Easter bunny was super generous to Molly and visited multiple times. Between us, the grandparents and Bev & Ben, Molly is set for spring and summer!

She’s trying to decide if she’s going to share a jelly bean with me or not…she’s such a sweet girl that she did decide to share one of her prized jelly beans.

I enjoyed the week with Molly and our extra time with Jim, too. It was nice to not have to rush out the door every day and just let our moods dictate our activities!

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