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This past weekend, we traveled to Virginia to meet up with Jim’s brothers and their wives plus one nephew and another babe on the way, plus his mom, aunt, uncle and grandmother. It was nice to see everyone, especially since we won’t be traveling this holiday season due to baby #2’s arrival. There’s a picture of Molly with her cousin Wrigley that I will have to post, but I think it’s on Jim’s phone, so I’ll have to track that down.

The three of us were sharing a room and we brought blankets to create a pallet for Molly to sleep on, but as expected, she wanted none of that. She also didn’t want us to leave her when we tucked her in. You would think I would have embraced a 9 pm bedtime, but that would have only been if she had let me sleep. At one point, Jim and I were hanging on for dear life on the edges of the queen size bed while Molly sprawled horizontally across the bed.

She had a fever and what we now know is bronchitis, so her sleep was restless at best. Non-existent at worst.

On Saturday night, I thought she had fallen asleep, so I tried to slip out of the bed to get some water and visit with my brothers-and-sisters-in-law. As I was slowly sitting up, Molly slid her hand up my arm, grabbed hold of me just above the elbow and said, “Gotcha.”

I could hear the grin in her voice.

“Lay down Mom.”

And all night long, she maintained a grip on me. My arm, my shirt, even my ponytail at one point. As uncomfortable as the nights were, I loved how needed she made me feel in this time of testing boundaries and exerting independence.


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Many of you who check in on the blog probably received my email yesterday with our exciting news.

And to answer some questions: Yes, I’m pregnant. And yes, I’m due in December. I am 14 weeks; the due date is December 18. I’m anxious about ruining Molly’s Christmas, but also pretty confident this baby won’t be here before Christmas which means I’m worrying about nothing (big surprise, I know!).

I’m finally feeling somewhat better, as in I haven’t vomited in three days and I actually ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner today. It’s been a rough few months, but I expected it to be seeing as how I was pretty sick with Molly, too. Molly has watched more t.v. than I’d like, and she spent a few weeks following me around, pretending to throw up and telling me that the baby in her tummy hurt too. Somehow, I know she’ll be okay and hopefully forget about these things.

Molly has already been SO sweet to the baby, rubbing my (already seemingly huge!) belly and giving kisses and hugs. She also likes to tell random people at Target that we have babies in our tummies. The other day at the pool, I was wearing a tankini and Molly asked me, “Why are you covering up the baby?” She has all kinds of funny comments and thoughts surrounding the new baby, so stay tuned for more updates soon.

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As Jim sits at the dining room table on his laptop and I plop down on the couch with my laptop to proof something for a customer, I declare, “Someone was so smart, inventing laptops, so they could work from the couch.”

Jim chuckles and says, “I’m pretty sure the laptop was invented for travel, not working from the couch.”

I’m pretty sure I win this one; what do you think?


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Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. There are many wonderful dads (and dads-to-be) in our family; I am especially appreciative to Jim (my baby’s daddy) and my dad.

My dad has always been a man of few words, but I have never doubted his love for me. Now, as an adult and parent myself, his devotion to us is even more evident. I love to see him with Molly and Jackson, Benjamin and Addison! He is super handy and if I ever have a question, he’s usually the first person I call.

Jim has proved to be an equally wonderful father to our daughter. He works hard to provide for her {in fact, he’s had to work all weekend and oh, how we have missed him around here!} and he always makes her laugh. In addition to being in charge of bath time most nights, he also gets up with her most mornings and makes her lunch for school. I mean, what else can I ask for?! I remember before we had kids that he was worried about what kind of father he would be, but I knew we had nothing to worry about.

The other day, I asked Molly a few questions about her dad. See our unedited interview below. This kid loves her daddy {and she cracks me up!}.

An Interview with Molly, two years and 10 months

Father’s Day, June 2012

Mommy: What is your daddy’s name?

Molly: He’s a boy. {grins} Jim.

How old is Daddy?

I’m two.

Yes, you are. But how old is Daddy?

I can’t know.

Where does Daddy go each day?

In the dark woods or work or the swimming pool.

What do you like best about Daddy?

Playing and taking a bath.

Where do you like to go with Daddy?

The golf course. The pool. Those places.

What does Daddy like to eat?

Chicken and some French fries.

What makes Daddy mad?

When I cry. Or if I hurt him.

What makes Daddy happy?

If I don’t hurt anything.

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Molly attended dance camp at a local dance studio last week; she was so excited to dance like Angelina Ballerina, especially with so many of her friends! We knew Rae was going to be there, but were also excited to see so many friends from the neighborhood too (Violet, Samantha, Stella, Ava and Andrew).

Andrea snapped a few cute pictures of Rae and Molly on the first day. They were so excited! And look so grown up!

She was a little hesitant for me to leave her on the first day, but was quickly distracted and the rest of the week was smooth sailing. She bounded out of the dance room one day, telling me “It was *so* fun!”

I’m planning to sign her up for dance lessons in the fall, so this was a great way to get her feet wet and see how she reacted to the idea. I would consider the week a success!

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A few of my favorite Molly-isms as of late…

She calls the grill a ‘girl.’ Makes me laugh every time. Jim bought a new grill recently, and Molly was so excited when the men delivered the “new girl!”

She was literally standing on the front porch yelling, “It’s Daddy’s new girl! Yay! A new girl!” The poor delivery guys could not keep a straight face.


Another mix-up is that she says  “snore” when she means “sore.”As in, my knee is “snore.”

When I say, “Oh, your knee is sore…I’m so sorry.”

She’ll say, “Yeah, it’s snore.”


My current favorite is “I can’t know,” when she means “I don’t know.”

As in, “Molly, where are your shoes?”

“I can’t know.”

Or, “What day of the week is it?”

“Mom, I can’t know this.”

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